Mighty To Save

What is sin?
Ignorance is not bliss
I didn’t question –
Temptation kissed

I took his hand,
Not knowing what pain
Would lie ahead
But God saw the stains.

What was a crime?
Sin gently fogged my vision
Smeared them with grime
Clouded my lens…

My glasses once clear
Were no longer.
Sin grinned and sneered
Oh, I wished I’d been stronger!

Blinded by guilt –
I was too far gone, I knew
But His blood has been spilt!
He paid the price, this was true!

Oh my Lord, what have I done?
I fall to my knees and look above –
May I let go of what He hates,
And embrace what He loves!

No condemnation in Jesus –
I repented and from sin, turned away.
There is no guilt in His grace,
Forgiveness is here to stay!

It wasn’t too late for me –
He pulled me from the grave.
Death where is your victory?
Oh, Jesus is mighty to save!

This is part two of a series, with last week’s I Let Them In being the first part. And this will have a part three! Who knew? I didn’t. XD I intended for next week’s post to stand alone, but this poem and last weeks came to me. Praise Jesus. 🙂 See you soon! ❤


12 thoughts on “Mighty To Save

  1. Grace, that is awesome! I totally get that!! It is so wonderful, isn’t it, when we yield to the Lord and we let him take control of our lives?

    Oh, by the way, I tagged you in something today. It is something I was tagged in. I don’t always participate in these things, but sometimes the Lord leads me to do so, because it is for his glory and praise that I do. So, you can read about it here, and you can decide if you want to do this, too: https://runwithit.blog/2019/11/12/one-grateful-person/

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  2. I love this poem, Grace! ❤️🙂 Eloquently written and expressed! God is mighty to save and forgive! 🙏 I hope you liked the last chapter of my book! I hope you tell me know on the post your thoughts! Did it end too abruptly or just right? ❤️

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