Give Thanks (Music Post)

Hello all! 🙂 Now that I have high-speed Internet, I may post music posts a bit more often. I just added a new “Music” category at the top so it will be easier to find them in the archives. Hope you enjoy this song called Give Thanks (With A Grateful Heart). May we be thankful for what Jesus has done for us during this Thanksgiving time. ❤


Blog Issues & NaNoWriMo Updates

Hello all! 🙂

Firstly, I’d like to cover the blog issues. It looks like for the past few months, every time I’ve attempted to follow a blog, it was rejected. I thought this was a problem with my dial-up Internet and Windows XP system, and since I upgraded, all problems should be fixed. But I realized yesterday that I still could not follow blogs. I contacted support (they were so nice and helpful over there) and they told me that my account had been mistakenly flagged as an anti-spam measure for bulk following, and they fixed it. Therefore, if I made a mention that I was following you and then I disappeared, it was because I thought I was following you but I wasn’t. 😅  I’m so glad this is fixed now!



And now for the NaNoWriMo update:

I’m a bit behind still, but I’m planning to catch up. 🙂 And I just added an excerpt from my novel. I know that not all of you have NaNoWriMo accounts to view it, so I’m including it in this post so you all can read it if you wish. 😊

“He gives and He takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord. That was Job’s way of dealing with loss.”

She knew now that she had been horribly wrong about Him. Maybe this was not about whether she believed, it was about whether she accepted Him. She was angry with Him; why could He not save the ones near to her?

Her sister’s words returned to her – she had said the same thing years ago, but she brushed them off because she did not want to hear.

It all started to make sense to her. She did not think that He did not exist; she only kidded herself to make Him feel the same pain that she had felt, and in the process, bit off her nose to spite her face.

She would not reject Him any longer. She fell to her knees. Holy is the Lamb. Good is her God. Loving was her Father. All her anger melted away into a puddle and was never remembered again.

Forgiveness was a powerful thing. Her burdens dropped from her shoulders and she felt lightweight, though that could be possible that she also lost weight by now.

But could her parents and sister forgive her? She knew that God was a loving God, and that He forgave because He died so that He could forgive. And defeat sin and death.


She had to believe that they did. She just had to.

She opened her journal to write and realized what day this was.

Her sixteenth birthday.

She almost cried, thinking of what kind of sweet sixteen she was missing out on. And then she did cry when she realized that even if she was home having a party, her family was dead and would not be there.

It would not be a fun party.

She was half glad that she was alone and in survival mode because if she was not, she was sure she would fall to pieces.

She went to the beach and carefully built herself a cake made out of the sand, and found some sticks and stuck them in the top, pretending that they were candles with flames dancing around the wick. She pretended that her family was there with her, and blew out the fake flames.

There would be presents, and she made sandboxes with sand bows on the top and imagined what could be in there. A new purse? New jewels? An espresso maker? Items that she may have taken for granted before, but would be luxurious to have now.

She knew that soon, the high tide would wipe away her cake and presents – any trace that she had even made them. All she would have left were the memories and the memories that could have been if her parents had still been alive.

She walked the island aimlessly. It was hard to get lost; she knew the majority of it and it was so small that if she did lose her way, she could walk until she hit the beach and keep going until she stumbled upon the rocky cove or until she saw the tips of the orange tree.

Happy birthday. Sure. Not anymore. No birthday would ever be the same. It would just denote another year gone by without her family. Another reminder of how much time had passed since the tragedy that changed her life forever.



We Might Have Missed Something in “Faith Like a Child”

I enjoyed this post so much – especially since I’m studying Humility by Andrew Murray. 🙂 Click the link to read!

Brandon J. Adams

father-and-child-walking-at-sunsetFor as long as I remember, I’ve heard that my faith should be like a child’s. That 1) it should be “trusting” and “unpretentious” (pulling from my study Bible here), not tarnished by life’s disappointments, and that 2) it’s a good verse to apply to the life challenges we bring to God’s feet.

But imagine my surprise when I looked up “faith like a child” in Scripture recently and couldn’t find it. That phrase doesn’t exist in the Bible, at least not in that form.

And when I examined the passages from whence it supposedly springs, I found a different lesson – different enough, at least, that I’d never heard it.

Jesus called a little child to stand among them. “Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is…

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The Fall Tag

Thank you, Incomplete Thinker, for tagging me to do this tag. It was a lot of fun! 😀


  • Put the tag badge and rules in your post.
  • Answer the 10 fall-related questions.
  • Tag at least 5 other bloggers to join in the fun!


  1. What’s your favourite fall outfit?
    • I really like a scarf my mom gave me a few years ago that has an autumn leaf print. I love wearing a black shirt and a black skirt and wearing it in traditional scarf tradition or tying it around me like a belt. The dark colors make the scarf’s bright orange and red pop!
  2. What is fall weather like where you live? 
    • Cool and colorful. 🙂
  3. Your favorite drink to have in the fall?
    • Dark hot chocolate, though hot tea is a close second!
  4. Does your family have any fall traditions? If so, what are they?
    • Not really. We used to gather and split firewood for out wood stove in the fall, but haven’t done that since my dad became ill a few years ago.
  5. What are some activities and events you enjoy going to in the fall months?
    • Probably Thanksgiving at my grandma’s. Walking by her lake in the fall is something I look forward to.
  6. What’s your favorite fall-scented candle?
    • I can only pick one?! XD There was one that I smelled last year when looking through candles at Walmart, but I can’t remember the name of it… I think it was like an apple pie. I know it made me hungry. XD
  7. Tell us about one of your favorite fall memories.
    • Oh my, I’m not sure. Perhaps last year, walking beside my grandma’s lake. It was so peaceful and mesmerizing. (And it’s also my header image.) My birthday also happens to be in the fall, so I have the birthday memories too.
  8. What are some fall movies you enjoy watching?
    • I don’t know if this counts, but I have always been quite fond of “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” (Which is ABC is playing tonight.)
  9. What’s your favorite fall treat? 
    • Oh, so many are good. I like candy corn and pumpkin pie.
  10. If you celebrate Halloween, what is the best costume you’ve worn?
    • I used to, but I haven’t in recent years. I think the Wicked Witch of the West was my best, though I always argued that I wasn’t dressing up for Halloween, but for my birthday (which is the day before Halloween – which is tomorrow). I dressed up every year for five years straight as my own version of the Wicked Witch, and I fondly remember the year we went to Walmart to get groceries and I met Glenda, the Good Witch Of The North. XD I was too shy to actually say anything, but it was very amusing when we passed each other in the aisle. XD

I tag…





T. R. Noble


Anyone else who would like to participate! 🙂


I posted this one year ago, so it has now been sixteen years. We will always remember…

Following Him Beside Still Waters


I can’t believe that it has been fifteen years. I don’t remember much from when I was that age, but I do remember the moment that I saw the twin towers on TV, soon after they had been hit.

I was a kid, and I didn’t understand at first that it was real. I thought my dad was watching some action movie.

Once I realized that it was really happening – which I realized by the tone of which my dad shushed me and the seriousness on his face as he pointed at the TV screen – I was so stunned, and my heart broke for all of the people involved and their families.

I remember watching in horror when the towers fell.

I wrote that little poem in the photo five years ago (obviously edited the amount of years), and it’s still true. We’ll always remember. ♥

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Have Your Way (Music)

I finally had access to WiFi for a short while a few weeks ago (first time in 6 months so it was quite a treat) and I searched out a few of my favorite worship songs on YouTube for y’all. Here is one of them: “Have Your Way” by Highlands Worship on their album called “Arise” – though it appears to be on this album too. Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do! 🙂 I am currently playing it on repeat and I may be singing along with it, haha. 😅

Mold Us

A wonderful post from wordcoaster8550 over at Walk With God. 🙂

Walk with God

Israel 527Jeremiah 6:26-28
New International Version (NIV)

26 Put on sackcloth, my people,
and roll in ashes;
mourn with bitter wailing
as for an only son,
for suddenly the destroyer
will come upon us.
27 “I have made you a tester of metals
and my people the ore,
that you may observe
and test their ways.
28 They are all hardened rebels,
going about to slander.
They are bronze and iron;
they all act corruptly.

What Are Ye Made Of?

There is a metal of silver and gold
That has claimed many a man
Both body and soul

There is a medal, an achievement marks
That shows a man’s courage
It’s worn o’er his heart

There’s also a meddle that’s a worrisome thing
It comes from the devil
And his sick interfering

And last, it’s our mettle, the will to survive
In times that are tough
That helps us to thrive

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