Pure in Heart (a reblog)

A fantastic message from Unashamed of Jesus. 🙂

Unashamed of Jesus

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

Are you pure in heart? Many people are religious but that doesn’t mean they will ever see God. We must remember that God reads the hearts and minds of us all (Jeremiah 17:10) Just because you’re putting on a good show for everyone, you’re not fooling God. If your heart is corrupted with evil , you have not truly been transformed. You can’t walk with God and hold hands with Satan.

Even Christians, Jesus taught us that many would profess his name, but he will say depart from me you evil doers, I never knew you! (Matthew 7:23) What is going on here? The problem is just because you call yourself a “Christian” and use the name of Jesus, if your heart is still corrupted, your works are still evil. We see this a lot in today’s…

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Brick by Brick (a reblog)

I love this post written by Joey! 😀

Training for Eternity


We all build walls.

Someone hurts you and you quickly learn how to stop that from happening again by building a nice big wall between you and that person.

Only sometimes you go a little too far and you build it all around just in case someone else would come along to hurt you.

So you build this wall, brick by brick, to protect yourself from pain.  But when you stop stacking because you can’t reach any higher, you realize that without any windows and bricks all around, you’ve built yourself a prison cell.

And since the bricks reach so high and are so thick, no one can see you or hear when you cry for help, when the dark shadow of loneliness fills your cell.

Only God can reach you in that dark and painful place.

But maybe you’re afraid to ask because the world is too cruel and…

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My Champion (a reblog)

I’m reblogging this poem I posted last November in response to the Daily Post’s prompt, “Champion.” 🙂

Following Him Beside Still Waters


My Champion

I was once a damsel, distressed;
Sin condemned me to die,
Until my sins were confessed,
It had its hold on me; I cried.

The Knight loved me enough to save;
It was because of His amazing grace,
That I was spared from the grave;
And that He came and died in my place.

He wore no armor, had no blade,
He knew that He must do this to win;
And there for three days he stayed,
And in one blow, defeated Death and Sin.

My Champion suffered the Cross for my sake,
He did all of this and more for love;
So that I could have a clean slate,
And can live with Him in Heaven above.

Image source: Pixabay

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It’s Not Over! (a reblog)

I love this poem by Lady Jay so much! 😍

A Necessary Pain

Abba Father, part the waters of my heart

So that your glory can break through

Take my loaves & fish, as I do my part

Committed, only, to what matters to You

With spiritual leprosy, In need of healing

Focused- I surrender to You as never before

This pain, I’m tired of concealing

Faith at its peak, as I diligently seek more

More of your power, presence, and peace

As I desperately touch your hem

Fear, I’ve put to death. Surely its deceased

 This is where my worship begins

In impossibilities, hardships, and difficulties

Which work together just for me

Refusing to witness in ambiguity

Proclaiming the Good News, indefinitely

–Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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