Roots – (a reblog)

As someone who loves plants, I appreciated this post so much! ❤ Click below to read more. 🙂

In our spiritual garden is a particularly nasty and diseased tree called ‘self’. Though hideous this tree is but a product of what lies beneath. The real danger lay in the roots of ‘self’ that feed this twisted relic.

— Roots – Uncompromising Faith



The Intercessor | A Gospel Study (a reblog)

I forgot to add Olivia’s link to my post this morning, leaving all of you who read it wondering where the post link was. So I’m reblogging her post so you can find it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ❤

Refreshing Spirit

In the beginning was the Word. In the beginning, He spoke and created the world. And it was good, very good.

But I chose to worship the created thing rather than the Creator. I turned to my own way, leaning on my own understanding, esteeming the riches of Egypt as more desirable than the One from whose hand all blessings flow.

My garments are stained with sin. The glory radiating from our God is a light that would destroy me, a creature of the darkness. I cannot approach Him; I am cut off; I am separated from Life. My soul has sinned; it will die.

But God, who is rich in mercy, has not left me without hope. He has promised a Seed that will crush the serpent’s head. He has promised a Son, born of a Virgin, whose name shall be Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of…

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The Gate of Life (a reblog)

One of my best friends, Refreshing Spirit, left for Bolivia today! 🙂 If you want to follow her journey while there, click below to view her new blog, Olivia in Bolivia! ❤

Olivia in Bolivia

I’ve left my home in Colorado to spend time with my family before going to Bolivia. The “lasts” have begun. Last day of teaching at my Colorado school. Last Sunday with my Colorado church family. Last night in Colorado.

Leaving hurts. Sometimes it feels like a slow death. In some ways, it is.

The Physical Reality

I’m dying to my current way of life. I’m dying to being around my favorite people. I’m dying to even the godly comforts and joys that I currently enjoy.

I know that God is calling me on to Bolivia, and my love for Him and confidence in Him compels me onward in spite of the pain of goodbyes. The thing is, I can’t live in the United States and in Bolivia at the same time. This is part of God’s design. It’s the reality of the way the world works. It makes me…

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Free Download Promotion – “Songs of Heartstrings”

My friend Miriam at The Showers of Blessings is offering a free Kindle download of her amazing poetry book, Songs of the Heartstrings. 🙂 Click below to download your copy. 😉

The Showers of Blessings

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Misunderstood (Mental Illness/Depression) (a reblog)

T. R. wrote a fantastic poem on Peeking Beneath – click the link below to read it in full. 🙂

Peeking Beneath

There are many people in this world who cannot speak up about what they are going through because things are misunderstood. Each individual has his or her own story. May we try to understand. May we listen to what people are trying to say.

This poem’s purpose is to show the mindset of someone who is battling internally. Rawness, sensitivity, how words are taken. This poem is not written from my current mindset. I once had a friend admit to me in middle school she thought of suicide when she was only about 10-11 years old. Depression and mental illness do not have age limits. It does not matter what your situation may be either. If it was this simple, celebrities would not die from suicide. Children who live in good homes would not die from suicide. Sometimes there are factors that invite depression and mental illness…but sometimes…there aren’t. 


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Teach Me To Be Gentle (a reblog)

This is such a lovely poem written by Maggie at Dreaming Of Guatemala! 🙂 Click the link below to read it in full! ❤

Dreaming of Guatemala

Teach Me To Be Gentle

Teach me to be mindful
of every word I say.
Teach me to pause in moments of anger
and simply stop to pray.

Teach me to care for
my siblings when they’re sad.
Teach me to think first
instead of getting mad.

Teach me that there’s more to life
than how I tend to feel.
Teach me to change my perspective
into one that is purely real.

Teach me to be kind
even when others are not.
Teach me to be optimistic
even when it’s on the spot.

Teach me to forgive
and to let go of the past.
Teach me that resentful feelings
were never meant to last.

Teach me to be gentle,
It’s what I desire to be –
For I know that Your power
is made strong in me.

I wrote this poem while pondering my responses to life these last few…

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A Hefty Price (a reblog)

I’m reblogging my Resurrection Day poem from last year. 🙂 HE IS RISEN!! ❤

Following Him Beside Still Waters

You were tortured but You did not break
Struck repeatedly, feeling pain – done for my sake

They took a spear and punctured Your side
To make sure that You were dead inside

Entombed for three days and then risen
So that this sinful being may be forgiven

You gave Your life, it was not taken
You did this so I would not be forsaken

Sin and death cannot rule me anymore!
Oh, my Savior, it’s because I’m Yours!

It is not me who should glory
But Thee! For I am not worthy

You bought me with a hefty price
Your blood – Your loving Sacrifice

You bought me from certain carnality
Now I am Your servant for eternity

I am no longer mine
Lord Jesus, I am Thine

Have a great Resurrection Day, everyone. 🙂

P.S.: You may have noticed that I used “Resurrection Day” instead of “Easter” –…

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