Child-Like Prayer and Faith

A lovely post by Carly! 😀 Click the link to read it in full. 🙂

Message In Stanza

child prayer

The Bible says to “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I believe praying helps someone renew their minds. Anything can come into our minds and sabotage our day. It comes into the dark recess of our brains and knocks on the door and nine times out ten, how many times do we answer? I would say we do more often than not.

It is like a scavenger on the hunt for a buried treasure. They look everywhere for that treasure but it could be right in front of them laying in the sand. But either we do not see it or pick it up. Our thoughts control our actions. It’s scientifically proven. We can think we do not deserve love, goodness, mercy, or grace because of our past mistakes and shortcomings. But we deserve that “buried treasure,” if you will.

We all have a past and even Jesus dined with…

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Glorious Archangel (a reblog)

I love Sawa Minori’s artwork 😍. So inspiring! Especially the angels. ❤

Angelart Star



Hi ! My dear wonderful followers and visitors ! Thanks always.
I am sorry that I was not able to use Internet by sudden headache and stomachache last week.
This time I contribute two pieces of old sketches of unpublished archangel Michael.
And girl’s old sketch.
I am going to publish new color illustration and Tanka as before on the next time.

The sketch below is my self-portrait of last week !
It’s OK now. Don’t worry. I take care of myself.


Thanks for your kindness and friendship.
Angels bless you.
Best regards.
Have a nice week !

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Winds of Love (a reblog)

A wonderful poem by Sharon at Life As A Believer. 🙂

Life As A Believer

His winds of mercy

Refresh my soul,

His love rains all around.

Like a deserted parched land

I wait for Him,

He pours out love on my dry ground.

His winds of grace

They strengthen me,

And I know I’m not forsaken.

All my worries

And all my woes,

From me He has taken.

His winds of loving kindness

Blow my flaws,

Like dead leaves they fall away.

And I know I have help

As I take each step,

There’s guidance for a new day.


This poem was inspired by strong winds blowing one fine day. The weather was super cool (it rained heavily) and I felt each gust of wind go over and through me till I was refreshed. Words just started coming to me and the outcome is before you. Glory be to God.

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We Let Them Down (a reblog)

An eye-opening post by Rick over at Discovering And Sharing Grace. Please continue to pray for the hurricane victims and the people giving aid to those in need. ❤


 A short post this morning to ask for individual and communal prayer for those without a voice and who will not be heard.

Nine residents of a nursing home died during the storm due to no back up power supply.


Yet, we passed a law requiring gas stations to have back up power.

Sadly, none of the nine could drive.

Some church communities did all they could and some locked their doors and went home.

Some shelters were good. Some shelters were scary. Some teachers returned to their rooms to find every thing had been stolen, including a personal collection of  treasured books.

Please pray!

Please do what you can!

Thank you!

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Autumn Leaves

Reblogged in response to the Daily Prompt, Leaf, and also, because the first day of Autumn just past. 🙂

Following Him Beside Still Waters

In response to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Autumn – Metal. You may remember the fall photos I shared last February of my grandma’s lake – but that same day, I took a bunch of close-ups of leaves as well that I haven’t shared before.

This one is probably my favorite of these. I like how the fall colors pop against the reflection of the sky on the lake:

These scarlet leaves were so glossy that glare ruined many of my shots, but this one turned out:

I believe these are oak leaves:

And I think these are maple. I like how half is changing and the other half is green, like it couldn’t decide if it was ready to embrace autumn:

If you want to see more fall photos (and a poem), I posted this last November: Fall Magic

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Sweet Peace (a reblog)

I love this poem written by Pete over at The Psalmist. Click the link to read it in full! 🙂

The Psalmist

My soul has days that worry looms
Inside my mind I’m filled with gloom
It seems I can’t find rest from fear
Then suddenly your peace appears

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

The storms of life are gathered ‘round
My feet seem stuck in sinking ground
I pray to God my path to clear
He hears my cry and peace appears

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

The wind will howl and shake the trees
The waves will roll incessantly
Then Jesus comes and calms the seas
He leaves me with His gentle peace

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

He said my peace I leave with you
Let not your heart be troubling you
Don’t be afraid my…

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How Can I Doubt?

I’d like to thank Sharon for so kindly asking me to write a guest post for her blog, Life As A Believer. 😊 If you’d like to read the post in its entirety, just click the link below! (And while you’re there, browse around a little – she’s a fantastic blogger. 😉)

Life As A Believer

24 Pennelope pic By Penelope Payne

I’m worthless, my life is in vain;
Tried to fix myself, but superglue
Can’t hold me together; the pain
Inside is too great, I’m too blue.

Not the blue of the sky or ocean,
But the kind that has no cheer;
The kind that throws you in prison,
The kind that comes with fear…

Everyone would be better off without me;
I’m just a burden; I can’t pull myself out
Of the dark hole; they are just blinded by pity.
They don’t realize how good it would be without.

I’m a pathetic excuse for a creature;
No good to anyone, not even God.
It’s too late for me, of that I’m sure,
Adam created from dirt, me from sod.

Filled with guilt and despair,
Depression grabs my soul,
And takes me on the way there,
Down into the darkest hole…

I said I wouldn’t, but I’m done,

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