Autumn Leaves

Reblogged in response to the Daily Prompt, Leaf, and also, because the first day of Autumn just past. 🙂

Following Him Beside Still Waters

In response to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Autumn – Metal. You may remember the fall photos I shared last February of my grandma’s lake – but that same day, I took a bunch of close-ups of leaves as well that I haven’t shared before.

This one is probably my favorite of these. I like how the fall colors pop against the reflection of the sky on the lake:

These scarlet leaves were so glossy that glare ruined many of my shots, but this one turned out:

I believe these are oak leaves:

And I think these are maple. I like how half is changing and the other half is green, like it couldn’t decide if it was ready to embrace autumn:

If you want to see more fall photos (and a poem), I posted this last November: Fall Magic

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Sweet Peace (a reblog)

I love this poem written by Pete over at The Psalmist. Click the link to read it in full! 🙂

The Psalmist

My soul has days that worry looms
Inside my mind I’m filled with gloom
It seems I can’t find rest from fear
Then suddenly your peace appears

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

The storms of life are gathered ‘round
My feet seem stuck in sinking ground
I pray to God my path to clear
He hears my cry and peace appears

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

The wind will howl and shake the trees
The waves will roll incessantly
Then Jesus comes and calms the seas
He leaves me with His gentle peace

Peace sweet peace
Overwhelms me like a flood
Peace sweet peace
Was provided by your blood

He said my peace I leave with you
Let not your heart be troubling you
Don’t be afraid my…

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How Can I Doubt?

I’d like to thank Sharon for so kindly asking me to write a guest post for her blog, Life As A Believer. 😊 If you’d like to read the post in its entirety, just click the link below! (And while you’re there, browse around a little – she’s a fantastic blogger. 😉)

Life As A Believer

24 Pennelope pic By Penelope Payne

I’m worthless, my life is in vain;
Tried to fix myself, but superglue
Can’t hold me together; the pain
Inside is too great, I’m too blue.

Not the blue of the sky or ocean,
But the kind that has no cheer;
The kind that throws you in prison,
The kind that comes with fear…

Everyone would be better off without me;
I’m just a burden; I can’t pull myself out
Of the dark hole; they are just blinded by pity.
They don’t realize how good it would be without.

I’m a pathetic excuse for a creature;
No good to anyone, not even God.
It’s too late for me, of that I’m sure,
Adam created from dirt, me from sod.

Filled with guilt and despair,
Depression grabs my soul,
And takes me on the way there,
Down into the darkest hole…

I said I wouldn’t, but I’m done,

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Coffee Chat: I Want To Be Close To God Again (a reblog)

A wonderful post by Robin! 🙂


For those of us who have been saved from hell & God’s wrath by Jesus Christ, we have known what it was like to walk with Him, to be completely devoted. We would do anything for the Gospel, and we would defend our faith until we were blue in the face. We would leap at the chance to read our bibles. But then, the world comes in and it’s difficult to find that perfect balance. School, homework, jobs, the sleep schedule (if there was one) all become top priority. We forget to read our bible, we don’t make time to pray, and before we know it, we’re found wondering why God feels so distant from us. This is what we keep getting wrong, however: God has neverleft us- He promised us. We know Him to be faithful. Instead, it’s we who have distanced ourselves away from Him and…

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Follow Your Heart – or, Be True To Your Heart? (a reblog)

This was one of my first posts, way back in July of 2016. I can’t believe it has been over a year ago! 😲 How time flies! Anyway… I’ve seen a few references lately about Following Your Heart and decided to reblog. 🙂 Hope you enjoy! ♥

Following Him Beside Still Waters

This blog post was inspired by two awesome blog posts I’ve read recently: one at Refreshing Spirit and one at SaylwithPens, that talked about the heart, morals, and the dangers of following what we feel. Thanks to both of you! 🙂

This is a common thing we, especially in our tweens and teens, are told to do, and I really feel the need to rant about it: Follow Your Heart – or, Be True To Your Heart. (No, this isn’t about the song in Disney’s Mulan soundtrack. XD) The phrase sounds innocent enough. But lets be real. What are the heart’s intentions?

Jeremiah 17:9: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Yikes! That sounds bad. Perhaps we can’t know the heart, but we can see what it desires:

Matthew 15:19: For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts…

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