From Prayers To Prose

From Prayers To Prose

From prayers to prose
Like a scent from a rose

Rising to heaven, sacrifices
As the sun over the horizon, rises
The forests comes to life

Enveloped in the Light
Bringing such delight
It’s a welcoming sight
After the darkness of the night

Image debuted in “Mother’s Day Roses.”

From praise to poetry
Like a sapling grows into a tree

Growing heavenward
Branches reaching upward
Creator gives words to the bard

To showcase His creation
His fantastic imagination
To give others elation
In each and every nation

From worship to song
The notes float along

On the lofty breeze
Even the majestic trees
Dance with ease

Make a jubilant sound
Unto the Lord; let joy abound,
Let our voice be heard all around,
Let those who are lost be found!

Image debuted in “Feel No Shame.”

I thought that it might be fun to experiment with rhyming patterns and try something new. 🙂 This one was originally a part of Eclipse; the plan was to start with the early morning and lead up to the Eclipse,  but it just didn’t work out. (The third stanza about the Light was originally about the sun returning after being covered by the moon.) So it ended up becoming its own poem with a different rhyming pattern instead. 🙂


Love Can Be Fleeting

Love can be fleeting
Coming and going as the tide –
The flawed kind of love, anyhow.
As a dragonfly is here now,
Then “See ya on the flip-side!”
Leaving a broken heart beating.

Sometimes love stings
Like a wasp or a bee.
Love can really hurt,
Throwing hearts in the dirt,
So it is hard to see
The beauty love can bring.

From the post, “Bee On A Wildflower

But there is a perfect love
That casts out all kinds of fear;
For He cares so much for us
That He sent his Son Jesus,
So that we may be near
Our Father in Heaven above.

Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart

Depression clouds hung overhead,
Dark thoughts swirled in the storm;
Lightning struck and happiness fled,
Sadness without shape, without form.

Depression spawned twisters that destroy
Everything that was dear to me.
Storage once upon a time held joy;
Tornadoes scattered all that was near to me.

My diamond heart has broken,
And the shards cut into my soul;
The pieces are a sharp token
To what once was whole.

My Father picks up the debris,
And with His loving hand,
Uses His Love to recreate me,
And glues it together again.

Diamond hearts may shatter,
But I know that I will heal;
The pain will no longer matter,
For through the storm, His love, I feel,

From the very heavens above.
He will never from me part.
My Lord rebuilds, so I may love
With all of my diamond heart. 💖

I almost feel like this is a companion to Stained Glass, one of the first poems I shared on this blog. (Which was in July of 2016… my how time flies! 😊)

Brand New Heart

Summer is almost over, and autumn is in the air; but I’m not quite ready for it to end. So, here is “Brand New Heart,” a brand new poem with a summery theme, plus flower photos from this summer that I haven’t posted before, so they will be brand new to you. 🙂

Brand New Heart

In the warmth of summer
I met an amazing boy
Who filled me with wonder
And brought my heart joy

But it was a flawed love
Two humans filled with zeal
It wasn’t based on above
But instead on how passionate we’d feel.

Sadly, that flame died
But later I met someone
Who was brutally crucified
And called Himself God’s Son.

I believed – in the waters I dipped
And found out what genuine
Love was, and how a relationship
Is supposed to honor Him.

Washed in the blood,
My heart became pristine;
What a loving God,
To wash my very core clean!

Now it’s a new start
I am ready to love again
With my brand new heart
Set on Jesus Who paid for my sin!


**This isn’t about me, by the way. This is my imagination taking flight. I’ve never had a boyfriend, haha. But it was still fun to write. 🙂

***The last photo was actually a mistake – I wanted a photo of the sun behind the clouds at sunset, but the sun came out right after I clicked the button. I thought for sure that I ruined my old camera by doing that, but it somehow survived. **whew** 😅

Have Your Way (Music)

I finally had access to WiFi for a short while a few weeks ago (first time in 6 months so it was quite a treat) and I searched out a few of my favorite worship songs on YouTube for y’all. Here is one of them: “Have Your Way” by Highlands Worship on their album called “Arise” – though it appears to be on this album too. Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do! 🙂 I am currently playing it on repeat and I may be singing along with it, haha. 😅

I Marvel At Thy Marvels

More than night sky stars,
And tiny specks of sand

That litters the beach,
Are the marvels of Thy hand;

For the numbers are
Out of our mind’s reach!

Galaxies that swirl in space,
Intricate design, scale magnificent.

Delicate pattern of flowers;
Royalty isn’t dressed as opulent

As the bloom’s exquisite face;
I marvel, Lord, at Thy creative powers!

Whether it be large or small,
I marvel at Thy marvels;

The creation of the universe,
Or the creation of a cell,

Thy cosmos and all,
Therein of Thy glory, tell!

John 5:19&20: Then answered Jesus and said unto them, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise. For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth Him all things that Himself doeth: and He will shew Him greater works than these, that ye may marvel…”

**You may have noticed that the second photo of the moon is obviously more than my 3X zoom camera can do. My parents saw that my old camera had about reached its end (seriously, the rubber band and Coke Cola cap that was screwed into the bottom was not keeping it alive anymore and it required twisting the camera and pushing on different parts a certain way to make it work at all), and so instead of waiting until my birthday in October, they put in $200 to go with the money I was saving and we picked out a Cannon PowerShot that has a 50X zoom. I think I have fallen in love, haha! 😊 I plan to post soon comparing the two cameras; taking the same shot with both to see how much better the new one is! I sort of did that in this post too; the first photo was the best my old camera could do with the moon. A white glowing blob. 😂 What a difference!!!

Melodies Carry Me Up And Away

(This was supposed to be posted a while ago – apparently I accidentally made it a draft instead of publishing it. 😅 Oops.)

It’s week 32 of 100 Word Wednesday and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you’d like to join in, just click the link! 😉 The rhyming pattern on this one is a bit unusual; I’m not sure how it happened, it just… did. 😅

I love this image, BikurGirl! 😍

Image credit: Bikurgurl, 2017

Walking down the street
Sky is blue of cerulean type,
Clouds are puffy and whimsical
Yet my soul is downcast

Was dragging my feet
When tunes threatened to wipe
Away sadness with musical
Splendor; sadness couldn’t last.

Melodies carry me up and away
Dancing along strings
Floating as me it brings,
To places I hadn’t been in years.

Took me back in the day:
Church choir singing,
On those Sunday mornings;
It brought me to tears.

Such sweet songs it was,
Oh, how strings and wood
Can create beauty
And bring nostalgia within!

I felt God’s perfect love
Saw the choices; I could
Go back to His mercy –
And be forgiven.