I’m Tickled Pink

The photo prompt from Dutch Goes the Photo this week is pink; I love wildflowers and flowers in general.

These are clover. There were a lot of them inhabiting my great-aunt’s backyard!

I was determined to get some shots before my mom mowed them. In this one, you can see a few white flowers as well.

I took this one so you could see how many of these clovers there were. There must have been hundreds if not thousands! I actually dug up a few to take home to see if I could get them to start growing here. (I don’t think my great aunt would have minded.)

And then I turned around and saw that there were pink miniature roses growing on the fence!

Here is a close-up of the bud that is just opening.



When taking my grandma to one of her doctor’s appointments, I saw a bunch of flowers planted outside to border a fountain. So beautiful!

Two different kinds of pink flowers! Though when I backed up and took the next photo to show the arrangement, these looked more purple than pink, haha.

The arrangement was quite lovely, though.

Here is the whole fountain.



One last photo… this one was taken during the spring, the same day as my new avatar. πŸ™‚ I’d like to thank Hannah for the inspiration – the awesome photo she took of her sister’s eyes through the leaves is why I tried this pose, haha. (And if you haven’t seen that post, I linked to it in her name – she has a great blog!) Turns out, it’s really hard to do this as a selfie… πŸ˜‚


60 thoughts on “I’m Tickled Pink

  1. I like all the photos, especially your selfie. My clover flowers are yellow. I always considered them as weeds until the end of last year when they attract so many bees to pollinate my plum trees and I got more plums than we could eat!!

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  3. The clover is just beautiful! I think I saw New Guinea impatiens in the photos by the fountain. I have them growing out front in my “oak barrel” planter. On this rainy day pictures of flowers in the sunshine was just what I needed!

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