Brick by Brick (a reblog)

I love this post written by Joey! ๐Ÿ˜€

Training for Eternity


We all build walls.

Someone hurts you and you quickly learn how to stop that from happening again by building a nice big wall between you and that person.

Only sometimes you go a little too far and you build it all around just in case someone else would come along to hurt you.

So you build this wall, brick by brick, to protect yourself from pain.ย  But when you stop stacking because you canโ€™t reach any higher, you realize that without any windows and bricks all around, youโ€™ve built yourself a prison cell.

And since the bricks reach so high and are so thick, no one can see you or hear when you cry for help, when the dark shadow of loneliness fills your cell.

Only God can reach you in that dark and painful place.

But maybe youโ€™re afraid to ask because the world is too cruel andโ€ฆ

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