Island of Peace

Island of Peace

I’m traveling on the open sea
In this rickety boat,
Hoping to stay afloat,
Wondering if it’s the end of me.

This life is this vast ocean,
Wearing us down,
Tearing us down –
Trying to drown us in sin.

I have heard of a refuge of calm.
I really want to get there,
But cannot find it anywhere –
No land to be seen, not even a palm.

Jesus is the Island of Peace.
I did not have to look,
I just had to open a Book –
Oh, will His wonders ever cease?

Once I had read it carefully,
It was quite clear,
He was always here –
Waiting patiently on the shore for me!

There are times I may drift away;
Because of a storm of sin.
But He welcomes me again –
And in His loving arms, I shall stay.

**Special thanks to Denny (his blog is here) for unintentionally inspiring this with the comment I linked to. 😊


18 thoughts on “Island of Peace

  1. This is a wonderful “Before and After Jesus, expression of life” Grace. In our Grace group today(Sunday) we conversed (before I reading your work) about your lines of “Wearing us down,Tearing us down –Trying to drown us in sin.” how all people are image bearers and the evil one hates and wants to drown/kill all who look/remind him of God.
    I like the use of Book, Because the Word became Flesh, and dwelt among us. You are right, once Jesus’s call is answered the previously unseen hand of God can be seen gently guiding us to the harbor of His love. Jesus is there all the time.
    I hope this writing will help give all who read a place to start a conversation with God if they have not, and remind believers of their time with out God and how our Lord redeemed the troubles He brought us through.
    I am thinking God had a lot more to do with this expression of life’s journey than I ever did. Good and perfect Gifts come from above. Keep humbling your Soul to our Lord and look fear in the eye, then press on to abundant life in Jesus.

    With thanks and encouragement to you Grace,

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    • Thank you! 🙂 ♥

      Wow, really?! What a coincidence! (Not! There is no coincidences with God!)

      Thanks. 😀 Yes, the Living Word!

      Harbor of His love – love that! 😍

      If God can use this poem to bring people to Him and remind believers of where they came from, it would be so amazing. 🙂

      Me too – I’m glad He used you to make this possible. 😊 The words came so quickly, it had to be Him! Yes, amen! From the Father of Lights! (James 1:17)

      Thank you – you too! He is worth it! ♥

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  2. Very well written, Grace. Jesus is an Island of peace and rest for the weary of sin. And He does take us back again and again. We just need to try to sin less often in the future than in the past, not letting sinful acts define who we are.


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