Textile Struggles (a reblog)

This is such an encouraging post! ๐Ÿ˜ I just had to share it.

Squid's Cup of Tea

Without resistance in the form of the hook, yarn could never be woven into aย useful blanket.

The strands rub against each other constantly, but they still stand together to make something beautiful.

Threads on a loom have shuttles being thrown at them and they are constantly being warped. ย Yet, the final product is a beautiful piece of cloth that can be made into useful clothing, furniture, drapes, etc.

Thread canโ€™t made a beautiful embroidery pattern unless it passes through tough fabric over and over again.

When we give these suchย struggles of ours to the Master Weaver, He can use them and us inย His masterpiece of a plan.

So why not?

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