Color Your World – Screaming Green: Snake

I think this works for screaming green quite well. Literally and figuratively, because most people would probably scream when they see what is green in these photos… 😂 I found it on the path next to my garden spot in 2015.


This green snake isn’t poisonous. I don’t think it even has fangs. So you know I had to get close-up. They say that if a snake has diamond shaped pupils, it’s poisonous. If that is the case, then this is proof that little guy is non-poisonous. XD


I wanted a shot with him up off the ground a bit, so I grabbed a stick, stuck it under the head, and slowly lifted up… (this snake was very tolerant of me for some reason.)


And then I got a close up of that pose…


I am thankful that God bought this little fellow into my path so I could get these photos. I nearly stepped on it; and then I realized that a stick usually isn’t bright green… 😂


30 thoughts on “Color Your World – Screaming Green: Snake

        • LOL! Yeah, the poor thing. XD After I took the photos, I gently urged him to go into the fenced in garden area so that my cats wouldn’t find him. (Snake skin is actually not at all what I expected; not slimy and cold. It was really fascinating!)
          Mine too, though the ribbon snake is probably my second favorite. 🙂 I haven’t seen one this year yet either; I don’t remember seeing one last year either. (I took these photos in 2015.) I hope to see one this year though!

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