From Prayers To Prose

From Prayers To Prose

From prayers to prose
Like a scent from a rose

Rising to heaven, sacrifices
As the sun over the horizon, rises
The forests comes to life

Enveloped in the Light
Bringing such delight
It’s a welcoming sight
After the darkness of the night

Image debuted in “Mother’s Day Roses.”

From praise to poetry
Like a sapling grows into a tree

Growing heavenward
Branches reaching upward
Creator gives words to the bard

To showcase His creation
His fantastic imagination
To give others elation
In each and every nation

From worship to song
The notes float along

On the lofty breeze
Even the majestic trees
Dance with ease

Make a jubilant sound
Unto the Lord; let joy abound,
Let our voice be heard all around,
Let those who are lost be found!

Image debuted in “Feel No Shame.”

I thought that it might be fun to experiment with rhyming patterns and try something new. πŸ™‚ This one was originally a part of Eclipse; the plan was to start with the early morning and lead up to the Eclipse,Β  but it just didn’t work out. (The third stanza about the Light was originally about the sun returning after being covered by the moon.) So it ended up becoming its own poem with a different rhyming pattern instead. πŸ™‚


Have Your Way (Music)

I finally had access to WiFi for a short while a few weeks ago (first time in 6 months so it was quite a treat) and I searched out a few of my favorite worship songs on YouTube for y’all. Here is one of them: “Have Your Way” by Highlands Worship on their album called “Arise” – though it appears to be on this album too. Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do! πŸ™‚ I am currently playing it on repeat and I may be singing along with it, haha. πŸ˜…

How Mighty is His Power

I’d like to give a shout-out and thank you to Pete from Walking In Christ for inspiring this poem’s subject. πŸ™‚

– I could fill these blog pages a hundred times and not begin to tell how many wonderful things He has done for me. I bet you can do the same. The goodness of God overwhelms us every day, and many times we just forget to think about it. The air we breathe, the trees and flowers, the sun that rises every day, the stars that glow at night are just the beginning of the good things He gives us. Let us never again forget all the good things He has done for us. – Pete

How Mighty is His Power

Let us give our Lord praise!
His goodness is overwhelming,
He blesses us in so many ways –
Let us never forget these things!

He made air so that we can breathe,
For beauty, He made the flowers;
For fruit and wood, He made trees –
Oh how mighty is His power!

He created emotions so that we may love,
He created music so we may sing,
And words so we may worship Him above –
Let us never forget these things!

He created the stars that twinkle in the night,
The sun that rises to end the dark hours,
Giving us their warmth and light –
Oh, how mighty is His power!