Spin The World

It’s week 25 of 100 Word Wednesday, and here I am posting at the last minute again! 😅 If you’d like to join in the fun, just click the link! 😉

Lovely image, BikurGirl! 😍

I see the boats aplenty
Creating surface tension
On the water’s shiny top layer
Waiting to be ridden
On the open seas

Look at it how I’d see
With underwater vision
From my surreptitious lair
Humans are forbidden
From viewing these

Turn it upside down,
Yes, spin it around…

Tell me, what do you see?
The sky isn’t the limit,
It’s the bottom of the sea;
And the air below it!

I put on my special bangle
And one limit fades away;
Spin the world to another angle.
Now I have feet for the day!

Reflective Soul

It is week eleven of 100 Word Wednesday, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you’d like to join in, just click the link! 😉

This feels like an ode to the imagination…

Image Credit: Matias Larhag

Castle’s reflection in the water pure,
Crystal-like surface pretends it’s a mirror,
The panorama sparks my sense of wonder…

If I turned the picturesque scene upside-down,
Don’t even stop there, maybe flip the entire town,
And dove in, would I enter its reflective soul or drown?

Mermaids in their palace, or a reality check so callously?
Would it be a new tale of Wonderland that Alice sees?
Swim in and out of windows or fall victim to fallacy?

Ignore the facts and all the “hows” and “whys,”
Playing like a dolphin in the blue liquid skies –
Or would common sense be my demise?

I Must Swim!

This is week fifty-one of Three Line Tales, and here is the photo and my response. If you want to join in, just click the link; the rules can be found there.😉

I am my loving Shepherd’s sheep, during good times and grim.

Even when the water is deep, I shall always follow Him.

In the Living Waters, I must faithfully leap! In these currents of life, I must swim!

He Saves

The Daily Post has again given a word prompt that I have written a poem about. I started this one months ago, but never finished it — until today’s word prompt prompted me to. 🙂 I call this one, “He Saves”.

The world is a vast ocean – seems never ending
In it I am going under and drowning – sinning
He reaches into the waves and grabs – my hand
He is the stable Rock upon which I can – stand

This world is a hot, barren desert – we thirst
Only the Living Water can quench – put Him first
Worldly ways are sea water – don’t satisfy
It’ll slowly kill; shed the salt – unto Him cry, cry, cry

Christ is the Way in the wilderness of Earth – an oasis
Drink in the ways of the Water – sheer bliss
Immerse in the water, let the Holy Spirit in – baptize
True happiness is found here – we realize

He is the One, He is the Light who illuminates – the way
The Son rose, ending the dark night – and brought the day
When sin threatened to defeat us – send us to eternal graves
He overcame death and sin for our sakes – He saves