Shining Yellow Lilies

Dutch Goes The Photo’s photo challenge last week was “shine” – though I fear I’m a bit late in posting for the challenge. 😅 My yellow lilies seem to almost glow in the dark in these photos – as if the flowers were made of sunshine. 🙂

And here is a glimpse of the journey that they took to get there:

Plants but the buds are not visible yet.

The plants are bigger but the buds are still too small to see.

Here come the buds!

Fully grown buds – it was only a matter of days. 😀

Hello, yellow Asian Lily! 😍 One of my favorite flowers! God added such detail to the petals.<3 In addition to these, I have orange ones, which are also open now (keep your eyes peeled, that post will probably come later this week), and red ones that are a little further behind and will probably open at the beginning of June. I bought pink ones this year and they already opened and died back. (If you missed them, you can see them here.) I hope to add a new color every year! I really want purple, but I’ve never seen them locally… but I’ve never seen one I didn’t like so I’m sure I’ll find something. 😁

Also, on a different note, I want to thank you all for the support – I got this in my notifications bell a few days ago:

And a special thanks to Keri L, who told me that my posts weren’t showing up in the reader because I was using too many tags and categories. ❤ Looks like it’s working now and people are seeing my posts. 🙂


Brand New Heart

Summer is almost over, and autumn is in the air; but I’m not quite ready for it to end. So, here is “Brand New Heart,” a brand new poem with a summery theme, plus flower photos from this summer that I haven’t posted before, so they will be brand new to you. 🙂

Brand New Heart

In the warmth of summer
I met an amazing boy
Who filled me with wonder
And brought my heart joy

But it was a flawed love
Two humans filled with zeal
It wasn’t based on above
But instead on how passionate we’d feel.

Sadly, that flame died
But later I met someone
Who was brutally crucified
And called Himself God’s Son.

I believed – in the waters I dipped
And found out what genuine
Love was, and how a relationship
Is supposed to honor Him.

Washed in the blood,
My heart became pristine;
What a loving God,
To wash my very core clean!

Now it’s a new start
I am ready to love again
With my brand new heart
Set on Jesus Who paid for my sin!


**This isn’t about me, by the way. This is my imagination taking flight. I’ve never had a boyfriend, haha. But it was still fun to write. 🙂

***The last photo was actually a mistake – I wanted a photo of the sun behind the clouds at sunset, but the sun came out right after I clicked the button. I thought for sure that I ruined my old camera by doing that, but it somehow survived. **whew** 😅

Looking Up Into The Sky

Even though I am too late to participate in the photo challenge, I still want to share these shots with you all. 🙂 I love getting sky shots:

I took this at my grandma’s this spring.

Then I took a stroll around my grandma’s small lake and captured this. I love those puffy clouds.

This was taken in our driveway. The sun hid behind this cloud, lighting it up! So pretty.

While walking in our driveway at a different time, I looked up and saw this beautiful sight. I call this image, “Cloudy with a Chance of Airplane Trails.” XD


And here are a few images that have been posted before that would have fit in with the challenge:

If this looks familiar, you may remember this one from the previous post, Mission Completed. This is a view from the back of our property toward the property behind us who, sadly, cleared out the majority of their trees. I love how the sun lit up that one cloud like that, right before a thunderstorm hit. 🙂


This was taken when I was visiting my grandma last summer. 🙂 You may remember the image from Feel No Shame, but this is the original, unedited version.

You might remember this one from Special Remedy. This one was taken this year. This is actually the road I live on, but you won’t get any personal info from this shot. 😉 (And yes, that is a gravel road. XD )

Red Lilies

As Aspiring Thoughts requested, here is a photo of my red lilies that bloomed this past summer for the first time; which was a pleasant surprise because I thought they died last year. XD


Lilies remind me of Song of Songs, chapter 2 verse 1 & 2: I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. 🙂