Stained Glass

The Daily Post is for some reason posting words that are central topics to my poetry. XD Here is a poem I call “Stained Glass”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lord, make the scars from life be stains
Take the broken pieces of my heart
From the floor and put them together again
Recreate me as stained glass art

I strive to be a window
Let the Sonโ€™s light through
Be transparent and glow
With a Christian hue

Circumstances may try to get me down
Splatter and streak the glass with rain
I look to the One Who wears the Crown
Life and sin will no longer dim this pane

Wonโ€™t let the past
Darken the view
Iโ€™ll be stained glass
Let Christ shine through

See the colored pieces have become one?
See that the old me is something new?
See what Jesus my Lord has done?
I am stained glass; He shines through.