The Dangers of Flirting With Sin

(Part one, the poem, can be found here. This is part two but you don’t have to read part one to understand this one.)

Until last year, I didn’t put too much stock in God still using dreams and visions to reach people. But then… I had a dream myself. I wasn’t sure what to do with this besides heeding the warning it gave.

Fast forward to now.

I had two people reach out to me in which they had a specific dream/vision about me. I don’t want to disclose a lot of details because it’s pretty clear it was directed at me.  However, they were accurate.

What this led to were several things. There are things I’ve been struggling a bit with. As you probably know, I’m more private with things like this, so this is what I do want to share.

Firstly, there was a YouTuber I liked that started making darker videos for some reason. I love autumn but this is the season in which it’s easier for me to struggle. I think he was doing it “all in fun” but I didn’t care to see all the spooky Halloween displays, and then…

Then this person live-streamed a seance.

It became clear – I had to unsubscribe from the channel. It may look harmless, flirting with sin and spooky seances and such but it’s not a joke to mess with the dead.  (Deuteronomy 18:10, Isaiah 8:19) This wasn’t too hard for me. I did it, and it didn’t sting too much. But there was another area I needed to address.

When I posted the Life Updates and Gaming post, I didn’t remove the game app I was addicted to, that had a blatant sin in the plotline. I only off-loaded the app. It gave me a sense of security to still have it so that I could put it back on someday if I wanted to. Why was I finding security in potentially going back to playing this gaming app? I hadn’t even played it since April. I shouldn’t be attached to it. And yet, I never did get rid of it.

I was still clinging to that sin.

Hearing the first dream, I knew there were things I was clinging to. I wasn’t actually doing anything with the game, so I used that as an excuse that it couldn’t be that. But there were other things I was struggling with. Thought it could be something else. With the second vision, the message came in right in the middle listening to this podcast: Stop Playing In The Shadow Of Sin (which I highly recommend by the way). I don’t think it was a coincidence.

I immediately got on my iPod and completely removed the app.

For the other things, there will be a bit of time to work that out – not as easy as removing an app or unsubscribing from a channel. But it’s not worth flirting with sin. Temptation is what got Eve in trouble. Flirting with sin instead of being firm with it resulted in the fall.

It may look safe to only flirt, but desensitizing can happen. Then it’s easy when sin extends its hand to take it and let him lead to full-on sin.

However, we have Jesus’ hand to grab hold of instead!


The Path

I wrote this one a while ago – another poem with an odd rhyming pattern. 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥

The Path

Life is a forest; I see no clear trail
I look at my surroundings, I grow pale
I don’t want to do this alone

I am lost, the meaning of confused
The sheep that went astray, bemused
Don’t want to be found and rescued

So I wander aimlessly, held by shadows
Too stubborn to desire escape, spirit too low
But He is there; I am not on my own

The Shepherd takes His staff to lead me
He brings me to green pastures to feed me
He brings me to a fork in the road; I must choose

There is one trail, full of ease
Following it would be a breeze
But it would only be to please us

I scoff at that slothful disgrace
Instead, I turn around to face
Where the path less traveled should be

Don’t want to become lost in here
This path is not always marked, unclear
Which way is the path to Jesus?

I find my way through the wood
I smile, knowing this is good
From that sinful life, I am free

The Bible is my map, He, my Guide
I know He’ll never leave my side
For He is my Savior, my Lord

When I wander, He leads me around
Sometimes lets me face plant the ground
All to bring me back to Him

When I stumble He keeps me from harm
When I fall, He lifts me into His arms
When the enemy comes, He grabs His sword

All we have to do is, in Him, believe
With Him, anything can be achieved
Even when the chances are slim

Psalm 119:104-106: Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments. 

Show Me Your Light!

I don’t usually pay much attention to the daily writing prompts – by the time I finish writing the post, it’s usually the next day or the next week. XD But this time, I realized I have the perfect poem to share that fits with the prompt, so here is my first time responding to a prompt. 🙂

I wrote this a few months back about a rough patch I went through years ago. I call it, “Show Me Light!”

I fall to my scraped up knees
I have no reason to live
To You, I am surrendering me
That is all I can give

For way too long I’ve been alone
Shadows of the night fill my soul
Catch me before I am too far gone
Before the darkness swallows me whole

I am without my sense of sight;
I plead – show me a reason for being!
Release me from this mental plight,
Show me what I haven’t been seeing!

Up there, You have always been
Like the moon eclipsing the sun, I see
I was stuck in the shade, when
You shined brightly for all around me

Please, I beg for Your hurrying
In moving the obstacles, to let the Son shine bright!
Send the shadows of the night scurrying
I don’t want to live in darkness; show me Your Light!