Freed and Saved

This is week three of the 100 Word Wednesday Challenge, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 Click the link to join in. 😉 According to Microsoft Word, this is 106 words.

I adore this image. It tied my brain in a knot trying to figure it out. Great photo, BikurGirl! 😊

I’m down a cavernous hole.
Feels more like a prison.
Bars keep hostage my soul,
But I remember, He has risen!

The walls are slick and steep,
I don’t know how to get out;
He reminds me I am His Sheep,
But it isn’t my efforts that count!

My Shepherd won the battle.
Sin and Death can’t touch me!
Chains that once held me, rattle.
He died in my place and set me free!

He breaks the bars that restrained so long
He gently pulls me out of the hole
His right hand is gentle, yet strong
In one motion, He freed and saved my soul