Emerging From The Cocoon

**Originally posted on June 9th, 2017; I moved the post date today in response to the Daily Prompt’s photo prompt, transformation. 🙂

(Click the link to view all the photos – I may have gotten a little carried away. But only a little. 😉 )

Following Him Beside Still Waters

On a Thursday night in May, God showed me one of His many miracles in His creation. He is so good.

I had the most exciting opportunity. About a month ago while raking leaves, I happened upon a cocoon attached to a leaf. I saved it and brought it home with me.

Fast forward a month. I rescued a beetle that was in my sink, and when I put it in a potted plant outside, I saw that the cocoon was missing. That was startling. I found it under the leaves of my potted plant and I picked it up – and it wiggled. o_O

If you look really close in these photos, you can see the legs and wing design through the transparent cocoon.

I didn’t expect to be present when this was happening, so the fact that God brought a beetle into my sink at the right time…

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Mushroom Mania

With this post, I’m going to be killing two birds with one stone. The Daily Post prompt for today is mushrooms – and I happen to love photographing mushrooms, and I’ve been photographing them for years. And Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge this week is M (must have two M’s in the word – and Mushroom is perfect)! So here comes a variety of God’s mushroom creations! 🙂