Saturday Caturday (01)

I realized that you all haven’t seen Jack in a while, so I’m introducing another series in his honor. My baby is growing up!

Of course, this is him pretending to be sweet and blameless.

I discovered the day after the blood moon, while I was outside taking photos, Jack was in my room chewing my earbuds. My dad ordered me a new pair. He chewed clean through the wires. There was no hope of repairing them. I’ve never seen a cat so… chewy. Like a dog.

He’s temperamental and crazy but… I love him. ❤

Happy 14th Birthday, Angel!

I don’t know exactly when she was born. But I know when we got her – it was at the end of August. Our best guess is that my dog carried her here from somewhere. I never found the mother cat or anything, so we kept her.

We took this in the back of our truck on 8 – 22 – 04. My parents said we would never have a cat inside. That lasted until it rained a couple of days later. She was only going to come inside until the rain was over. But… she never went back outside.

She figured out quickly that her favorite place to sleep is my dad’s back. 😆

She would climb straight up his jeans and shirt and sit on his shoulder. (She’s getting too old to do much climbing like that now.)

This was only September, as you can see. She was so hilarious as a kitten. Still is sometimes.


She discovered my dollhouse and really liked playing in it. 😂 And playing with those board games in the background was nearly impossible. I spent more time chasing her to get the pieces back than actually playing the game.

She is always so mischevious. She explores everything, gets into everything, is always curious about everything… I love that quality about her though. 🙂


Here she is inside a dog treat bag. She got stuck inside. I wish I could have videoed that. It was hilarious watching her spin in circles and then finally just… not caring that she was trapped inside with dog treats. 😆

She likes clothes and clothes baskets. And pretty much anything new. Even…

Paper sacks. They are ingenious cat toys.

She would hide in them and pop out like a jack-in-the-box. Except instead, a cat-in-the-bag.

She would shred the bag when she was done, of course. And leave me the mess to clean up.

But it was fun anyway. 😅

It was so amusing. 😂 Sadly, as she gets older, she gets less energetic. But this also means less shredded stuff to clean up.


Here she is in a drawer! My parents bought baby locks for the cabinets and drawers because she would open them and sometimes try to see how much she could remove before we could stop her. 😆 Or sleep on whatever was inside.

She likes my bed. Back when we first got her, I had a lot of stuffed animals in my room. I still have some but not this many on the bed.

I got the idea that I could stack stuffed animals around her and it might be a fun photo.

And then it was like a hidden object game. So as if this wasn’t enough… can you find her in the next photo? Maybe I went a little overboard. Just a little…

I’m surprised she put up with me. 😆

We didn’t realize that it would be different having a Christmas tree.

I remember one Christmas, she almost was strangled in the tassel. 😱 Thankfully, my dad saved her. We haven’t used that stuff or a string of Christmas lights on the tree since.

And fragile ornaments? Not a good idea. Especially balls. They were removed and then played with as toys. 😄

Angel made it clear that we would no longer have a star on top of the tree. We would have an Angel. 😆

The star would be pushed aside as she took her place at the top.  I’m sure she felt like a queen up there.

She makes Christmas interesting!

She also has gotten herself banned from most rooms in the house (still is allowed in them if she has close supervision) because of her mischevious nature.

But now that she is older, she doesn’t get into as much.

But I love her personality. 🙂 She’s a lot of fun.

It’s hard to get a good photo of her. She moves around a lot and that causes her to blur. This was the best I could do yesterday. 😅

Anyway, I guess this is it. The birthday girl is calling. 😁

Smitten By Kittens

In response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three, here are two photo with three cats in each one. 🙂

This photo was taken last year and includes Radar on the left, Firecracker in the back, and Belle on the right.

This photo has Tiger on the left, Rabbit in the middle, and Gabby on the right. It’s possible my mom took the bottom photo; I don’t remember. It has been nine years. 😅

When You Love

I’d like to thank Denny for inspiring this poem and Incomplete Thinker for inspiring me to post it, as it is a more personal poem. 🙂 Her post (that I linked to so you can read it too 😉) touched my heart so much. ❤

Love and then lose;
The bitter agony says,
It’s better to choose
To never love in any way.

Sadness is great but love is greater.
Pain from loss is a side effect of love;
Memories hurt now but will be treasured later
Recollections will last until meeting above.

When one loves, there is a chance
That the one who is given the heart
Will break it into fragments that dance
Along the floor when they shatter apart.

Father picks them up piece by piece
To soon put them together again.
“The pain will not immediately cease,
but I am here,” He says to my chagrin.

Father is near; He gives me delight
Even when all I have is despair;
He shines with His Son’s Light,
Ending the darkest night, because He cares.

He lessens the pain each day, and sleep
Alights on me nightly like a dove;
With love comes risk; if we didn’t take the leap
Of faith, would it actually be love?


I’m still thinking of you, Rosie. You will always be in my heart. ❤