Arkansas Adventures – Pinnacle Mountain Photos

I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. I had some things to prepare for. Exciting things.

I don’t normally post this late in the day (nearly 8:00PM here), but I promised Tammy a post today, and a post today she is going to get. 😁

Friends from Indiana and Virginia came to Arkansas to visit! It was the first time meeting five of them in person. 🙂 (You may know Refreshing Spirit from WordPress! She just created a new blog especially for her adventures in Bolivia. Click to take a look!) We had SO MUCH FUN – even though it was the hottest days of the year and the mosquitoes were horrid. (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably recognize some of these photos.) The next two photos are Willow Beach and then after that are Pinnacle Mountain.

(My new avatar! The boulder climb. I was not prepared for so much climbing but it was a great experience and worth the pain. 🤩)

The view was spectacular!

We had a great time! 😀 And I’m sure you’ll be seeing more photos of the adventure over the next few weeks. It was also interesting to get photos of people for once. Usually, I stick to nature. But I couldn’t help but get photos of my friends. 🙂 And uh. A lot of them without them knowing… 😂

Hope you all have been well! 💖

Faith of a Mustard Seed

This was supposed to have been posted for week 53 of 100 Word Wednesday, but somehow I messed up the scheduling. 😅 Anyway, here is the photo prompt and my response, even though I’m a week late.

Photo by Ivana Cajina

Look at the mountains before us
With the faith of a mustard seed
“God will move them,” said Jesus.

Plant the faith seed and let it grow
And don’t hide, for you need
To let the strong winds blow

Because that’s what makes
Faith stronger, for sure.
Yes, it is for your own sakes.

Now look at the water before us
With mere words, He calmed the seas
“Oh ye of little faith,” said Jesus.

Did He not create it? Will it not obey?
Oh, let your faith mature
And follow Him; He’s the only Way.

Once Can Never Suffice


Once Can Never Suffice

I shout the Good News from the mountaintop.
Loudly, my vocals rebound off the canyon.
Nothing in this world can make me stop.
My voice bounces around and goes on and on.

Singing praises once can never suffice;
I praise You where sounds echo,
So that You get to hear it twice.
My Savior, that is how I show,

You how much I adore You, how much I care;
That for a sinner like me, You would die;
I am afraid of heights, yet I climb up there,
To praise Your name in the lapis lazuli sky!