Review: When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come TrueWhen Dreams Come True by Eric Ludy and Leslie Ludy
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I loved this book so much! I’ve had this book for a while, but was saving it until close to Valentines’s Day. It didn’t disappoint! It was hard to put down. I loved their writing styles.

“And amazingly, through it all, there was a God watching me fall, watching me break His heart, and loving me still…” – Leslie

“The next hour passed like a hiccup attack in the middle of a wedding ceremony.” – Eric

(Those two sentences are from different parts of the book, by the way.) It pulled me right in.  I didn’t expect the book to have much conviction in it since it was a love story, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here are just a few:

“Eric, God doesn’t care about you accomplishing things, He cares about you obeying. When you obey, it’s truly amazing what you can accomplish!” – Eric’s mom

“I was in pre-med, and doing what I had always dreamed of,” he shared animately, “but I realized that, even though I’d been a Christian since I was five, I had never asked God what He wanted to do with my life.” – Eric

And there are also plenty of gems for the single Christian (like me):

“And as I had slowly learned to trust Him completely as the Lord of every area of my life, I had felt His gentle challenge to my heart, I have someone special for you, My precious child. Wait patiently for that man, set yourself aside for him in complete purity and faithfulness. I will bring him into your life in a way more beautiful than anything you can imagine. But wait for My perfect timing. Use this time of your life to focus on Me instead of chasing after foolish, short-term pleasure.” – Leslie

This book was such an enjoyable read, and I loved how Eric and Leslie respected their future spouses without even knowing them yet. It was beautiful.  It truly is a love story that only God could write. ❤

* Also, if you read the book, it advertises their music in the back. Leslie Ludy allows you to listen and download a few tracks for free on her website, Set Apart Girl, which are AMAZING.

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He paid my ransom.

heart header

It was a heart-wrenching love story. I was kidnapped. I was bound, chained, and my heart was hurt so badly. I lost all hope of a rescue. But my Love came and gave Himself up in my place. He was taken, beaten, poked, ridiculed, persecuted and struck; and I was healed. He suffered and shed His blood instead of me, all for me. He paid my ransom. And I am eternally grateful.

I was kidnapped by sin.
It took me to place unknown,
Until He stepped in,
And paid my ransom.

My Savior took all the pain
That was meant for me,
Rattled and shook my chains,
And suddenly I was free!

The stripes He endured,
All of those appalling injuries,
Each and every one ensured,
That I was healed completely!

Why would He do this for me?
Why am I worth that to Him?
What did He see? I am unworthy,
And full of atrocious sin.

But He paid my ransom,
His life force liberated,
It wasn’t an act random;
For I was ill fated.

How can I express my appreciation
To He who is utmost High?
He owns all, seas and mountains,
I’ve nothing to give but to draw nigh.

The One Who created all that is above
And below, and all the days,
Wants my praise, wants my love;
And it is His forever and always.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, y’all. ♥