Playing With Fire

Three points of fire, originally posted with Consuming Fire.

There are a lot of references to fire in the Bible. The ones that came to my mind were when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone (Genesis 19:24), Moses saw the angel of the Lord in a burning bush (Exodus 3:2), when God led Israel through the wilderness as a pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21), and when the Holy Spirit came upon the people and the cloven tongue was described as of fire (Acts 2:3). But the one that I remember best is that God Himself is described as a consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:24 and Hebrews 12:29). I can’t look at fire the same way now. These shots are from last fall:

This one is probably my favorite fire shot from that day.

Sometimes, looking at still shots of fire is almost like looking up at the clouds. You begin to see the strangest formations in them…

This one looks like a hand reaching for something to me.


I see a face in this one – a very creepy warped face. Two eye sockets, a nose and an open screaming mouth. o_O