He Saves

The Daily Post has again given a word prompt that I have written a poem about. I started this one months ago, but never finished it — until today’s word prompt prompted me to. ๐Ÿ™‚ I call this one, “He Saves”.

The world is a vast ocean โ€“ seems never ending
In it I am going under and drowning โ€“ sinning
He reaches into the waves and grabs โ€“ my hand
He is the stable Rock upon which I can โ€“ stand

This world is a hot, barren desert โ€“ we thirst
Only the Living Water can quench โ€“ put Him first
Worldly ways are sea water โ€“ donโ€™t satisfy
Itโ€™ll slowly kill; shed the salt โ€“ unto Him cry, cry, cry

Christ is the Way in the wilderness of Earth โ€“ an oasis
Drink in the ways of the Water โ€“ sheer bliss
Immerse in the water, let the Holy Spirit in โ€“ baptize
True happiness is found here โ€“ we realize

He is the One, He is the Light who illuminates โ€“ the way
The Son rose, ending the dark night โ€“ and brought the day
When sin threatened to defeat us โ€“ send us to eternal graves
He overcame death and sin for our sakes โ€“ He saves