I Marvel At Thy Marvels

More than night sky stars,
And tiny specks of sand

That litters the beach,
Are the marvels of Thy hand;

For the numbers are
Out of our mind’s reach!

Galaxies that swirl in space,
Intricate design, scale magnificent.

Delicate pattern of flowers;
Royalty isn’t dressed as opulent

As the bloom’s exquisite face;
I marvel, Lord, at Thy creative powers!

Whether it be large or small,
I marvel at Thy marvels;

The creation of the universe,
Or the creation of a cell,

Thy cosmos and all,
Therein of Thy glory, tell!

John 5:19&20: Then answered Jesus and said unto them, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise. For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth Him all things that Himself doeth: and He will shew Him greater works than these, that ye may marvel…”

**You may have noticed that the second photo of the moon is obviously more than my 3X zoom camera can do. My parents saw that my old camera had about reached its end (seriously, the rubber band and Coke Cola cap that was screwed into the bottom was not keeping it alive anymore and it required twisting the camera and pushing on different parts a certain way to make it work at all), and so instead of waiting until my birthday in October, they put in $200 to go with the money I was saving and we picked out a Cannon PowerShot that has a 50X zoom. I think I have fallen in love, haha! 😊 I plan to post soon comparing the two cameras; taking the same shot with both to see how much better the new one is! I sort of did that in this post too; the first photo was the best my old camera could do with the moon. A white glowing blob. 😂 What a difference!!!

Foggy Mornings and Purple Sunsets

I love getting up early on foggy mornings, though I rarely get up that early. On the rare occasions I do, it is so satisfying to discover the hidden gems out there; God’s creation leaves me in awe:

This is the view out our front door. And when I trek into the woods, it’s like a scene from a fairy-tale. Except for maybe the coyotes howling in the distance. That turns the fairy-tale into a very-eerie-tale… 😅

And then on my walk, I stumbled upon this scene:

See all the little white blobs? That’s not snow.

It’s actually water droplets that have collected on spider’s webs. You can see them really well in this shot:

Here is a close-up shot of one of the webs (no spiders were home):

Here is is VERY close up so you can see the little drops – this is one of those hidden gems I was referring to:

I love the way the fog hides some of the trees:

And then ever so slowly, the sun begins to break through:

I’m also including one shot of a sunset with a purple sky. It really was that purple; I didn’t use any photo enhancing software on this. I absolutely loved how the silhouetted woods look against the colors of the sky. It was so magical!

All of these photos were taken in the woods surrounding our house. 🙂

Moth Mania

Over at Dutch Goes The Photo!, the photo prompt is “bug”. I couldn’t have asked for a better prompt. XD If it’s okay, I’m going to do multiple entries, because I have a a lot of bugs.

This whole post is dedicated to moths. 😀 I love moths. Sometimes I leave lights on at night just to attract them. This is a collection of some I captured last year and this year. The one with the cross design was identified by Jamie (thank you again!) as a clymene moth. 🙂 The others I have no idea what they are, but I really like them. 😊

My favorite is probably the clymene moth, with the white and black speckled one (reminds me of a dalmatian!) being second favorite, and the yellow and pink one in third. 🙂 However, I really love those big Luna moths (the green and yellow ones).

It amazes me that God didn’t stop at a few varieties of moth; He painted the wings of many different kinds and colors. So many!!! I love the variety! 😍 In many, I see that they are supposed to blend into tree trunks, but some have such color to them that I’d expect from a butterfly. I look forward to discovering more this year.  You should be able to click for a closer view. 🙂

If you liked these, also check out Emerging From The Cocoon, where I was present when a large moth came out of its cocoon and dried out. 😉

How Mighty is His Power

I’d like to give a shout-out and thank you to Pete from Walking In Christ for inspiring this poem’s subject. 🙂

– I could fill these blog pages a hundred times and not begin to tell how many wonderful things He has done for me. I bet you can do the same. The goodness of God overwhelms us every day, and many times we just forget to think about it. The air we breathe, the trees and flowers, the sun that rises every day, the stars that glow at night are just the beginning of the good things He gives us. Let us never again forget all the good things He has done for us. – Pete

How Mighty is His Power

Let us give our Lord praise!
His goodness is overwhelming,
He blesses us in so many ways –
Let us never forget these things!

He made air so that we can breathe,
For beauty, He made the flowers;
For fruit and wood, He made trees –
Oh how mighty is His power!

He created emotions so that we may love,
He created music so we may sing,
And words so we may worship Him above –
Let us never forget these things!

He created the stars that twinkle in the night,
The sun that rises to end the dark hours,
Giving us their warmth and light –
Oh, how mighty is His power!

Far Away From The Skyscrapers

It’s week seventeen of 100 Word Wednesday, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you want to join in, just click the link! 😉

This time I hit 100 words exactly! 😀

Image Credit: Scott Webb

There are things we may not agree on –
I’m not much of a city girl; all the trucks and cars,
Buildings reaching for the sky, noise and neon –
Light pollution preventing me from even seeing the stars!

I get lost easily in the large crowds;
There are way too many people rushing past me.
Go with the flow, like raindrops in clouds,
No, I go my own way or disoriented I’ll be.

Show me a place where the buildings taper,
Where trees show off their grandeur.
Away, far away from the skyscrapers,
See all of God’s creations in its splendor!

In The Wood

This is week one of the 100 Word Wednesday Challenge, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you’d like to participate, click here to read BikurGurl’s guidelines. 😉 According to Microsoft Word, this is 106 words. (It was originally 120 but I managed to trim it back a bit. 😊)

In the wood, murmurs abound
We hear the insistent whisper
For us to come draw near
To hurry and follow the sound

Trees tower into the cerulean sky
The wind rustles leaves below us
That winter striped from the deciduous
Leaving empty branches reaching high

Mother Nature’s blanket cracks
Beneath Fivefinger shoes
I’m amazed by the hues
His creation takes me aback

This is where I prefer
To connect with the One
And His only begotten Son
Who created this grandeur

In nature, it’s easier to be still
And know that He is God
I realize it may seem odd
That here, He voices His will