Winter Is Past

Ah, the First Day of Spring! How lovely it is. 💕 (I know, I’m a day late; my allergies attacked me yesterday with a sinus headache, so I didn’t get to post yesterday. 😜) The funny thing is, I’ve had this post planned since last October. That was before I knew about the Color Your World challenge. And what do you know? The flower just happens to be the color of yesterday: Purple Heart. Amazing how some things work out like that… 😂


Blue Skies

I’m not entirely sure what this is; however, I wrote part of a fan-fiction short story in this style a while back and I wanted to try it with a blog post, so here we go. I pretty much take the lyrics of a song (in italics) and then write what it means to me around it. (I don’t repeat the chorus.) Hang onto your hat (if you are wearing one)!

First, here is the song that inspired this:

I don’t think it was intended to be about Jesus, however, that is how I am taking it so there. XD

I wake up every morning to another crazy day I have to face.

Even before I get out of bed, I need Him. I know that I can face anything with Him by my side! Even if the day isn’t pleasant, I know that He is there.

And when I’m losing my direction, You’re the one who points me in the right way.

“Lead me, O LORD, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make Thy way straight before my face.” (Psalm 5:8) I am grateful for the times You correct me when I stray and send me back on the right path instead of letting me wander in the darkness.

You always know when I’m about to fall, it’s like You’re standing there when I hit that wall.

You are the Omnipresent One and You know what will happen before I do. Thank You for catching me. Repeatedly.

Because of You my eyes are open, and instead of always hoping, I have faith today.

I want to see everything that has happened, is happening and will happen! But I can’t and I don’t. But You do. Thank You for opening my eyes, so that I may trust in You.

So thank You for Blue Skies. When my head is down, You remind me to look up.


Your creation lifts me up. You never cease to amaze.

And thank You for all those times You believed when others couldn’t see. Oh, without You, where would I be?

You knew that You could use me for Your glory; however, I never would have thought You would use little ol’ me. But You have. And without You, I don’t know where I would be. I just know that I would be terribly lost or not here at all if it weren’t for You. You amaze me.

I should tell you in a letter, all the things I never said.

And look at me, doing that right now! (Or, a blog post anyway.)

‘Cause when You’re right in front of me, nothing ever comes out how I planned.

But it’s not my plans that matter, Lord. It’s Yours. Sometimes I try to make my own plans and then I fall on my face.

Like the heart in You goes on for miles, and when it passes through me I come alive…

I thank you for the Holy Spirit to guide me. I strive to be dead to sin and alive in You. My heart beats for You.

If I ever learn the lesson, it’s in the first and lasting impression of the way you got to me.

The way You brought me back to You was incredible. The lesson is that anything is possible when You want it to be possible. Thank You, Lord. ♥

Color Your World – Screaming Green: Snake

I think this works for screaming green quite well. Literally and figuratively, because most people would probably scream when they see what is green in these photos… 😂 I found it on the path next to my garden spot in 2015.


This green snake isn’t poisonous. I don’t think it even has fangs. So you know I had to get close-up. They say that if a snake has diamond shaped pupils, it’s poisonous. If that is the case, then this is proof that little guy is non-poisonous. XD


I wanted a shot with him up off the ground a bit, so I grabbed a stick, stuck it under the head, and slowly lifted up… (this snake was very tolerant of me for some reason.)


And then I got a close up of that pose…


I am thankful that God bought this little fellow into my path so I could get these photos. I nearly stepped on it; and then I realized that a stick usually isn’t bright green… 😂