When Faith Is Tested


It is especially hard to have faith and trust in His plan when all one can see is despair and gloom. I wrote the majority of this poem during a time when I was feeling down. All I could do then was try to convince myself deep inside that it would soon pass and that I would eventually see the Light at the end of the dark, depressive tunnel. And even though every once in a while the tunnel vision returns, and all I again see is the sorrow and despair, I know that soon He will bring me out of the tunnel and into His Light again.

Like I said in my poem, My Lifeguard, I know that during these times He may let me thrash about and struggle in the water to get stronger, but He will never leave me to drown. 🙂

This poem is for all of you out there feeling depressed and  // or going through hard times. Keep the faith and pray. Meditate on His word. I recommend John 16:33, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 23 in its entirety, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 28:7, Psalm 31:24. and Psalm 46:1. (If you have favorite verses or quotes you go to when you’re feeling down, please comment and tell me about them!) Remember what Charles Spurgeon said:

Perseverance copyrightEven when it’s difficult, keep going! I give thanks to Him every day for bringing me out of the tunnel and into His light; and I pray that He does the same for you.  🙂


When Faith Is Tested

My heart has shattered
Like an unguarded windowpane
What once really mattered
Put in perspective again.

Felt like someone stabbed it
Reached in and grabbed it
Pulled it out of my torso
And damaged it more so

Life had beaten it black and blue
Hurt it beyond repair
I was told to just pull through
Now how is that fair?

I wrapped it carefully in a bandage
A feeble attempt to allow it to heal
Before returning it to its guarded cage
Where it hoped to be safe and concealed

I guessed that this is what I get
For wearing my heart on my sleeve
It was exposed to the elements
I took risks, I dared to hope; I believed

Then I recall, when faith is tested
Count it all joy, for it works patience
So in Jesus my faith is invested
In whatever the circumstance

For I know that Him, I should seek
Turn to Him with wholehearted belief,
When I am anxious, tired and week;
He shall give my weary soul relief

I should be like Job, who endured much
And his faith never did waver
He concentrated on His loving touch
And on His wonderful Savior

I know that to serve my King
I have to expose my heart
Even if circumstances may sting
This is a good place to start

So in Him, I put all my trust
I know that He will never leave
God is faithful, that I must
Wholeheartedly and earnestly believe

James 1:2&3 inspired the sixth stanza, Matthew 11:28-30 inspired the seventh stanza, and obviously, the book of Job inspired the eighth stanza. 🙂

Image source for the heart: Pixabay

The snail is all mine. 🙂


The Path

I wrote this one a while ago – another poem with an odd rhyming pattern. 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥

The Path

Life is a forest; I see no clear trail
I look at my surroundings, I grow pale
I don’t want to do this alone

I am lost, the meaning of confused
The sheep that went astray, bemused
Don’t want to be found and rescued

So I wander aimlessly, held by shadows
Too stubborn to desire escape, spirit too low
But He is there; I am not on my own

The Shepherd takes His staff to lead me
He brings me to green pastures to feed me
He brings me to a fork in the road; I must choose

There is one trail, full of ease
Following it would be a breeze
But it would only be to please us

I scoff at that slothful disgrace
Instead, I turn around to face
Where the path less traveled should be

Don’t want to become lost in here
This path is not always marked, unclear
Which way is the path to Jesus?

I find my way through the wood
I smile, knowing this is good
From that sinful life, I am free

The Bible is my map, He, my Guide
I know He’ll never leave my side
For He is my Savior, my Lord

When I wander, He leads me around
Sometimes lets me face plant the ground
All to bring me back to Him

When I stumble He keeps me from harm
When I fall, He lifts me into His arms
When the enemy comes, He grabs His sword

All we have to do is, in Him, believe
With Him, anything can be achieved
Even when the chances are slim

Psalm 119:104-106: Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments. 

In Him

I suppose that this is kind of an experimental pattern. I’m not quite sure why I have little interludes between the rhyming sections, but it seems like they are supposed to be there; parts of it doesn’t make as much sense without them there as context. X) I call this one, “In Him.” 🙂

In Him


I felt like Snow White in a deep slumber
Dead to the world; sawing away lumber
No true love’s kiss can fix the blunder
I could not have felt any number



I am animate, not really asleep
I am not snoring, not making a peep
Sometimes I think I am in too deep
Maybe I should take a flying leap

of faith…


Overcoming sin, on my own, I tried
I’m incapable – at this realization, I cried
I see that for all, including me, He has died
He is ready, He is able; I let Him inside

my soul…

He cares.

My Savior rebuilds me when I tumble
His loving arms catch me when I stumble
His hands put me together whenever I crumble
And He forgives me when I fumble

He is there…

I wonder.

Why did I not accept Him before?
He created me, down to my core
He wants me to be free, to soar
To chase after Him, more and more

each day…

I believe.

He has the power to forgive
His love for us flows like a sieve
Thus, for Him, my Father, I live
My life to My Redeemer, I give

I’m Yours…

I live for You.

My faith is not based on a whim
With The Light, life’s not so dim
The future no longer looks grim
I’m no longer lifeless, but living in Him!