The Blue Sky Tag

the Blue Sky Tag created by Rachael Ritchey

Thank you for nominating me for this tag, Miriam! (Sorry it took so long for me to get to it though.) This was so fun. The rules are pretty easy, as they all revolve around the number 11.

  • 11 tags, 11 answers, 11 questions
  • Use the Blue Sky banner
  • It is sort of polite to mention the person who tagged you
  • You need to answer the 11 questions set by your tagger
  • You will need to make up 11 original and interesting or funny questions for those you tag.
  • You need to tag 11 people

Questions I was given:

  1. When was the last time you handwrote something lengthy?
    • That depends on what lengthy is… if it means writing Bible study notes, that happened last week. 🙂
  2. Does your birth order affect your achievement?
    • I don’t know and I guess I’ll never find out – I’m an only child. 😂
  3. Do you listen to music while you read or write?
  4. What was your favorite childhood holiday?
    • Christmas! Not only was it a joyous time with family, but it also meant that it was Winter which meant hot chocolate, wood splitting, and no allergies. 🙂
  5. Are you open to try strange food?
    • That depends on how strange it is. 😅 I plan to try couscous sometimes soon.
  6. Are you a collector of anything?
    • This might get lengthy. Postcards. Stamps. Rocks. Books. Antique silver. Coins. And I’m sure there are more that I’m not thinking of right now.
  7. What is your natural talent?
    • Probably writing, though I don’t know. 😅
  8. Are you adventuresome?
    • It depends on what it is, but I do love adventures. Last August, I went on an Adventure in Arkansas with some dear friends. ❤
  9. Sleep with the door open or closed?
    • In the winter, closed. In the summer, open, though not much this summer. (I have a heater in my room but the air conditioner is in the room across from mine and I like to be cool. 🤣) Jackie likes to come into my room in the night and knock things over. And attack my face. So mostly closed. 😹
  10. Morning lark or night owl?
    • Night owl. **writing this after midnight**
  11. Tea or coffee?
    • O.O Don’t make me chose! Okay… hot chocolate. 😂 Okay seriously. I’ll pick tea. 🙂

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is a book you have read recently?
  2. Do you like thunderstorms?
  3. What is your favorite genre to read?
  4. Do you have a pet?
  5. Do you have a favorite song or a song you’ve been listening to on repeat?
  6. Do you like to travel?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. Would you rather take a walk in nature or a walk in the city?
  9.  Favorite book or chapter in the Bible?
  10. What is your favorite season?
  11. What has God taught you lately?

The Nominees (no pressure!):

Maggie at Dreaming of Guatemala

T.R. at Inside Cup (or Peeking Beneath)

Dollfaced Writer

Carly at Message In Stanza

Efua at Grace Over Pain

Margaret at The Word

Diana at La Petit Muse

Tammy at God Inspired Art

Shae at BibleBloggerGirl (or Shae’s Days)

Lily at Retrospective Lily

Teresa at Hope For Today

The Blogger Recognition Award (Twice!), and The Mystery Blogger Award

This week, since I haven’t yet written the next Wonder Wednesday, I decided to accept these awards that I should have accepted… months ago… **crawls under desk in utter shame** So I guess this Wonder Wednesday, you get to find out more about me. I’m not sure how I feel about that… I didn’t want to be the subject of a Wonder Wednesday, but I do like awards, so…  😆 Here we go. 🙂

(Also, I am very behind in responding to comments and I’m slowly getting to them all, just in case you have commented and I haven’t responded yet. 😉 )

Thank you to Carly and Gail for nominating me for this award! 🙂 It means a lot to me that you think I’m deserving of this award. ❤

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

My blog started in April of 2016, mostly because my friends had WordPress blogs. I started it mainly to share things with them – I never expected so many people would visit my little blog and that I would meet so many wonderful people here. It has been a blessing. ❤

Two pieces of advice…

Firstly, let God lead you to write. When I started blogging, I never really intended to share my poetry and photos. I thought I wanted to alternate between book reviews and Bible studies. Not that there is anything wrong with those. I had put myself and this blog in a box when God obviously wanted me to do more than just that and trying to fight against it caused unneeded writer’s block and stress about writing the next post. Once I opened up and followed Him, things worked out so much better and blogging was much easier.

Secondly, read other blogs. Like the posts. Comment if you want to.  (But please don’t like and comment if you don’t actually read, haha.) The community is amazing. I was so shy at first, that I didn’t comment much. I try to comment more now.

Thank you to Amazing Tangled Grace for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! 🙂 It means so much that you thought of me. 🙂 Again, I am skipping the facts part because after answering all these amazing questions, I don’t know what else I can say about myself. 😆

What is a Mystery Blogger Award?

Okoto Enigma created this award by being what she calls “creatively bored”, obliquely naming it after herself, which is both clever and cool! This award is for “amazing and ingenious” bloggers alike, who find “fun and passion” in writing.

Here are the Rules:

Put the award logo/image on your blog.
List the rules.
Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Mention the creator of the award.
Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
You have to nominate 10-20 people.
Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; With one weird or funny question (specify).
Share your link to your best post (s).

The questions I was given:

  1. What is your favorite dessert?
    • Mmm, I like so many… maybe cheesecake. 😀
  2. What is your favorite work of fiction?
    • Just one? 😮 At the moment, I really like Once Upon A Summer by Janet Oke. I read it for the second time and it was wonderful.
  3. Pepsi or Coke?
    • Coke! Haha, Pepsi is good too, but I have such fond memories of visiting my grandparents as a kid and they always let me drink a Coke in a glass bottle, and it was so special. ❤
  4. What was something that made you smile today?
    • Writing this post and seeing these wonderful people who thought my little blog deserves these awards. ❤
  5. What are your three favorite things about blogging?
    • Talking to the community. Reading posts by the community. Adding my own posts to the community. ❤

Picking nominees is sometimes the most stressful part of the awards because I don’t want to leave anyone out. So I’m going to leave these open to anyone who wants to participate. 🙂

Questions for the nominees:

Same as the ones in the awards above. 😉

The Light Of The World Award

Thank you to T. R. Noble for nominating me for this award! ❤ I’m so honored! And sorry it took me a while to get to this – I’m behind again, haha. I look forward to catching up with everyone. ❤

The Apostle Paul said, “Pay everyone what is owed: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.” (Romans 13:7). I believe that true believers and followers of Jesus Christ are actually like lighthouses for God. For this reason and because Jesus himself said that we are the “light of the world,” I decided to create The Light of The World Award to honor authors (bloggers) whose presence on the web serve as a shining light for Christ and His Gospel of salvation. If you have been nominated to receive this award and chose to accept it, here is what you need to do.

The Rules

  1. Save and add one of the award images (pictured above) on your blog.
  2. Create a page/post to mention the award nomination and thank the person/blog that nominated you. Make sure you provide a link to their site.
  3. Give credit to the creator of the award (Lighthouse Devotions) and provide a link to the site as well.  (
  4. List the rules.
  5. Answer the next four questions on the same post:
    1. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
    2. In what way(s) can a Christian shine for Christ?
    3. What bible verse (quote it) talks about being a light in a dark and lost world?
    4. What Christian song do you know that has the word “light” in it? Provide a link if available.
  6. Nominate 7 or more people/blogs to receive the award. Briefly explain why you think they should receive it and provide a link to their sites.
  7. Contact them and let them know that you nominated them.
  8. Provide them with a link to the Rules page.
  9. Say a prayer thanking God for His light and ask that He continue to shine it through you and your blog.
  10. Keep shining the light of Christ wherever you go and in whatever you do!

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. – Matthew 5:14 (NAS)

  1. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
    • Jesus, Poetry, Nature
  2. In what way(s) can a Christian shine for Christ?
    • Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (First Corinthians 10:31 NKJV)
  3. What bible verse (quote it) talks about being a light in a dark and lost world?
    • You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. (First Thessalonians 5:5 NKJV)
  4. What Christian song do you know that has the word “light” in it? Provide a link if available.
    • I hope that “lighthouse” works. XD It has light in the word “lighthouse.” 🙂

Nominees and why I picked them:

The nominees are below, and the reason is the same for each of them – as far as I know, they have not been nominated for this award yet, and they brighten my Reader with each post they publish. ❤



Dreamer’s Outlet


Lisa Beth







Tammy (I know that you don’t plan to post for the month of June and that you are behind in getting to award and tags, so no pressure, haha. 😊)

☀ The Sunshine Blogger Award ☀

Aaaaaaaaah! This is the second time I’ve been nominated for this award,  the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you, Faye, for the nomination! ☀ This certainly brightened my week! ❤ Sorry it took me so long to get to it though. **blushes**

-My Questions To Answer-

  1. What is one thing you absolutely love but would probably surprise those who know you?
    • The people who know me know most things about me and especially what I love… but maybe this counts? I really enjoy chicken livers, gizzards, and hearts. My mom will cook some sometimes just for me. 🙂
  2. What is your favorite worship song and why?
    • Only one…? I absolutely LOVE In Christ Alone. here are a few of my favorite versions of it:
  3. What movie did you last watch? How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?
    • War Room, and 10 of 10. It was my second time watching it and it was great. 🙂
  4. Who are a few of your favorite fictitious characters and why?
    • Skye (Daisy) from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nancy Drew. Not really sure why besides the fact that they are awesome.
  5. What are three things you can do today to brighten someone’s day?
    • Some household chores so my mom doesn’t have to.
    • Give my cats a lap to curl up in (and hope that they don’t argue about who gets the lap first…)
    • Bake brownies!
  6. What is your favorite dessert to bake?
    • Speaking of brownies… XD Yeah. They are easier than some desserts to cook and so tasty!
  7. What is your favorite inspirational quote? Share the quote.
    • Image Credit: Pinterest

      (It is just a coincidence that I’m posting a sunflower quote on the Sunshine Award… **no one believes this** XD Seriously, this is one of my favorite quotes.)

  8. Do you own any pets? If so, list the kind/breed and its/their name(s).
    • All cats and all mixed breeds. 🙂 Angel (she’s my oldest – she will be 14 this August!), Belle, Blackie, Catalina, Dottie, Firecracker, Gabby, Lolli, Monkey, Ode, Simone, Sketcher, and Sparrow. Yeah. I pretty much took in a feral cat population back in 2008. Not all of them are considered “feral” anymore. I tamed many of them. It took five years to tame some of them, and some may never be tame.
  9. What are three of your favorite hobbies?
    • Only three? XD Hmm… writing, photography, and reading. 🙂 Blogging is kind of like all of those combined into one lovely activity, haha. 🙂
  10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    • When someone takes the Lord’s name in vain. It’s awful. It drives me nuts.
  11. What are several things you are thankful for right now?
    • My Savior.
    • My parents.
    • My friends.


The rules are simple; just answer the questions, write out new questions (or not… XD Am I allowed to borrow Faye’s questions? I hope so.), and nominate a few blogs to answer those. 🙂

Incomplete Thinker @ Incomplete Thinking

Margaret @ The Word

Carly @ My Ink Smears (her new blog – if you haven’t checked it out yet, the link is right there. 😉 )

Jo @ Fearless in Jesus

Tammy @ God Inspired Art

Everyone reading this! 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award and The Unique Blogger Award

Thank you to Lynn from Lynn Abbot Studios for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award – this is the fourth time I’ve been nominated! 🙂 I’m so honored! If you haven’t been to her blog, just click the link. 🙂

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

Okay, here we go:

  • Uno: I dislike most breakfast meats and usually chose to eat a non-breakfast item or cereal or oatmeal. I also don’t like sausage or pepperoni on a pizza.
  • Dos: I like computer games. A lot. Too much…
  • Tres: I still enjoy children’s books. (I’ve been slowly reading through the Hank Zipzer series.)
  • Quatro: This may or may not count, technically, but I met my first vulture baby last week.
  • Cinco: I like hot and spicy food. I’m having spaghetti with a jalapeno pepper as I type this.
  • Seis: In April, I will have been a blogger for two years! My how time flies!
  • Siete: You may have noticed that I counted in Spanish! That’s because I’m learning it with Memrise and Duolingo. I recently learned how to count to twenty (veinte). 😀 And I’m also learning ASL on Memrise because I’ve always liked it and why not?

Nominations (no pressure to participate and sorry if you don’t accept awards):

Carly at Message In Stanza

Eunice at Timbushi World Blog

Tim at Beard With A Blog

Pete at God’s Maintenance Man (or The Psalmist)

Cavelle at A Christian In Bloom

Hayley at Red Letters

Everyone reading this! 😉

Thank you to Carly at Message In Stanza for nominating me for this award! 🙂 And if you haven’t visited her blog before, I linked to her blog in the name. 😉


Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
Ask 3 questions

My 3 Questions to answer:

  1. What is your main form of reflection: prayer, meditation, or an artistic pursuit and why? Or do you see all these as intertwined?
    • Great question! I had to really think about this one. I’d say that all three are kind of intertwined for me. Stained Glass actually came out of my journal that I sometimes write prayers in, so I guess it is kind of a mix of the three (if you count writing poetry as an artistic pursuit). I haven’t really tried a lot of meditation; prayer, yes.
  2. (I am going to steal DYI’s question): Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • Oh wow, in 5 years I’ll be in my 30’s. Suddenly I feel… old. Not like, really old, just… it’s hard for me to grasp. XD I hope that by then I have a driver’s license. And have a book published, whether by self-publishing or trying to get it published some other way.
  3. If you paint or had a desire to paint what kind of things would you paint and where would you paint if you could paint anywhere?
    • If I could paint, I’d paint scenes from my novels and be my own illustrator. One of the most recent things I’ve tried was with color pencils. I’d love to try painting someday.

Nominations (no pressure to participate and sorry if you don’t accept awards):

Dream Filled Daughter at Dreamer’s Outlet

Robyn at Believe

Maggie at Dreaming of Guatemala

Keri L. 

T. R. Noble (Inside Cup or Peeking Beneath – I don’t know which you’d rather post an award post on. 😄)

Eunice at Timbushi World Blog

Incomplete Thinker at Incomplete Thinking

Cavelle at A Christian In Bloom

Faye at Create In Me A Clean Heart

Everyone reading this! 😉

Your questions:

  1. (Stealing Carly’s question. 😆 It was such a great question, I hope you don’t mind.) What is your main form of reflection: prayer, meditation, or an artistic pursuit and why? Or do you see all these as intertwined?
  2. What is your favorite post that you’ve posted so far and why? (And if you wish, include a link so that we can check it out!)
  3. Are you learning a second language or do you already know a second language? If so, what is it?

The Christmas Tag

Thank you to Carly at Message in Stanza for nominating me for the Christmas Tag! Oh, this is going to be so much fun! 😀

The rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Add the picture in your blog
  • Copy these rules into your post
  • Add a link to this original post (
  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas-related questions if you want)
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers with links to their blogs
  • Have fun!

The Questions:

  1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
    • Celebrating Christ’s birth with my family. ❤
  2. What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
    • Two comes to mind: One Christmas at my grandparents when I or my cousin opened a HUGE present, the box it came in was left unattended. So I had this brilliant idea to crawl inside it and close myself up in it and wait to see how long it took for someone to notice I was missing. 😆 It seemed like AGES to young me, but it probably wasn’t that long. But it did get the intended panic reaction that I was going for. 😂
    • There was one Christmas that I thought it was a fantastic idea to refill the hairspray bottle with water and soap. (I was quite a prankster. 😅) When my parents were getting ready to go to my grandparents, they kept on complaining about how the hairspray wasn’t working and it smelled like soap. 😆 Finally, they figured it out after they had soaked their heads with it and my dad was like, “You’re not getting any presents this year!” But they didn’t go through with that and they let me open them anyway when we got there. And we got there late because they had to take a shower to rinse the soap off. And the best part was them explaining to every person who asked them why we were late, and everyone thought it was hilarious, except for my parents. And for some reason, they started buying hairspray in aerosol cans after that… I can’t imagine why… 😂😂😂😂😂 (I was such a mischievous child, I’m so thankful to have parents with so much patience. 😊)
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?
    • Not really. When I was younger we used to drive around and look at all the lights and decorations.
  4. What’s your Christmas wish? (Can be personal or general)
    • That everyone will have a Merry Christmas and not get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays!
  5. What’s your favourite Christmas dish?
    • Hard question… maybe chicken and dressing? Though I LOVE smoked turkey. However, we only have that on Thanksgiving now, so I guess that doesn’t count.
  6. What’s your favourite Christmas decoration?
    • Manger scenes and stars. 🙂 There is one house around here that puts up the biggest star I’ve ever seen. No other decorations but the star. It must be at least eight feet tall, maybe taller!
  7. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
    • I can only pick one?! I really do love O Holy Night. But I have many favorites, as you may or may not have seen from the Christmas countdown posts I’ve been posting.
  8. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?
    • We used to celebrate at my grandparent’s house, but now we celebrate at home.
  9. What does the ‘Christmas Spirit’ mean to you?
    • Being grateful Him being born, and being filled with His peace and joy. ❤
  10. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?
    • Jesus – after all, it is His birthday!


Incomplete Thinker

Robyn at Believe

T. R. Noble

Anyone else who would like to participate. 😀

Liebster Award – again! ❤

Celebrate His Love nominated me for the Liebster Award – thank you, Dori! 🙂 And I learned that “Liebster” means “favorite one” or “adorable one” in German – I have wondered what that meant, but didn’t think to research it, so thanks for the fun fact! 🙂

I’ve seen variations of the rules of this award, but here are the ones that Celebrate His Love had:

  • Thank the nominator
  • Answer the Questions below
  • Nominate others

The Questions:

  1. If you could be any animal on earth, what would it be and why?
    • Probably a cat. They get pampered, they pretty much are king of the jungle – or house, if a house cat. Also, when they fall, they land on their feet most of the time. They seem to have a pretty great life!
  2. If you had to write the soundtrack of your life, what would be the first three songs?
  3. If your death was imminent, what would you choose as your last meal?
    • Some sort of seafood. I’m not choosy about which kind it is, though I do like shrimp…
  4. What movie that has not yet been made would you pay good money to see?
    • I don’t really keep up with movies, but… perhaps a biography based on Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose? I’m really enjoying the book.
  5. What was your favorite age to be and why?
    • Probably ten? It was a nice carefree age.
  6. What is the one book that has most inspired your writing and/or life?
    • The Bible. 🙂
  7. If you could live anywhere you please, without that pesky restraint called money, where would it be and why?
    • I have no idea. I love the idea of Alaska, but it gets so cold there. Also, my own private tropical island sounds nice, but… I like seasons. So perhaps I’d get an RV so I could travel and live wherever I want on this continent, whether in Alaska or the coast and get to travel to see a lot of God’s creations in person. 🙂

Nominations (Sorry if you have been nominated before):

Incomplete Thinker at Incomplete Thoughts

Robin at Believe

Tammy at GodInspiredArt

Too Comfortable

Carly at Message in Stanza

T. R. Noble at Peeking Beneath

Whoever is reading and would like to participate!

If you accept the nomination, answer the same questions above. 😉