A Hefty Price (a reblog)

I’m reblogging my Resurrection Day poem from last year. 🙂 HE IS RISEN!! ❤

Following Him Beside Still Waters

You were tortured but You did not break
Struck repeatedly, feeling pain – done for my sake

They took a spear and punctured Your side
To make sure that You were dead inside

Entombed for three days and then risen
So that this sinful being may be forgiven

You gave Your life, it was not taken
You did this so I would not be forsaken

Sin and death cannot rule me anymore!
Oh, my Savior, it’s because I’m Yours!

It is not me who should glory
But Thee! For I am not worthy

You bought me with a hefty price
Your blood – Your loving Sacrifice

You bought me from certain carnality
Now I am Your servant for eternity

I am no longer mine
Lord Jesus, I am Thine

Have a great Resurrection Day, everyone. 🙂

P.S.: You may have noticed that I used “Resurrection Day” instead of “Easter” –…

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Monday Mantra: Fairytale Edition (a reblog)

I enjoyed this post by Dream Filled Daughter so much! ❤ Click the link below to read the post in full. 🙂

Dreamer's Outlet

“Every person’s life is a fairytale written by God’s fingers.”

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

As I was scrolling through a few inspirational Bible verses on Pinterest to add to my new bullet journal, I encountered this lovely little quote I’d saved who-knows-how-long ago.

Many of you, like me, have an undying love for all things Disney, fairytale, or even just plain fiction/fantasy. Many of you, as fellow bloggers and writers, have a deep-rooted adoration for a really good story–me too! (I’m the kid who always asked for a Barnes N Noble gift card at Christmas, and would get more excited about a new book than all my new clothes put together lol.)

And what are a few key truths we know about a good story?

  1. There’s a relatable main character: This is you! You get your very own, hand-written and lovingly created story. That makes you pretty darn special…

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Jesus will be with me – Collaboration with Following Him beside still waters

Hayley from Red Letters asked if she could write a melody to Jesus Will Be With Me and of course, I said YES… and here it is in song form! She did an AMAZING job. Click the link below – or above – to visit her blog and listen to it. 😀

Hayley Boden

I’m so excited to share this very special song with you all. My lovely friend, Grace, from Following Him beside still waters wrote a beautiful poem and shared it on her blogpost ‘Jesus will be with me’ on Sunday. I asked if I could put a melody to these inspiring words and turn it into a song and Grace said yes! Here are the words from Grace’s poem.

Verse 1:

When I go through water’s deep,
Jesus will be with me

When billowing waves overtake,
With me, He will still be


For without Him I would drown
In brutal waters deep

If He were not with me, I know
Water would overtake

For without Him, when I lay me down
Fears would keep me from sleep

If He were not with me, from sleep’s hold I would never wake

Verse 2:

When at night I fall fast asleep,

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Wednesday Worship 7th February 2018 In Christ Alone – Live Worship (a reblog)

Hayley from Red Letters sang one of my favorite worship songs last Wednesday. Click the link below to go to her post and have a listen to her angelic voice singing “In Christ Alone”! 😍

Hayley Boden

Click here to listen to full song on YouTube

This Wednesday’s Worship Song has been requested by three people so I figured I really needed to record this one! Thank you to Danielle and Meeting Jesus for putting in the request. There was another lovely person that asked me for the same song but please forgive me, I completely forgot who it was, really sorry about that.

I found out the third person to ask me was Grace from Following Him beside still waters. Sorry I forgot you Grace!

In Christ alone’ is a powerful song declaring our whole dependence on Jesus and Him alone. The day I gave up my life and followed Jesus, was the day I discovered true freedom. Now I sing for Jesus and sing of the hope, peace and freedom I have. Through every trial and storm I face, my Jesus is…

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Grace, and Grace Alone (a reblog)

A powerful poem by Frances from God’s Grace, God’s Glory! 🙂 Click the link to view in full!

God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

Grace, and grace alone,
could save a wretch like me.
I could not die for my own sins.
Christ had to die for me.
A thousand deaths would not atone
for my eternity;
Christ’s blood, and His alone,
bought my sanctity.

 His light, and His alone,
shined deep within my soul.
The darkness of my heart
was readily exposed.
His Word, and His alone,
could speak new life in me.
My sin is great, but greater still,
His grace has set me free.

His love, and His alone,
drew me to His Son;
In covenant with Him,
to be His very own.
In goodness, and in His alone,
He brought me to repent,
To turn, to trust, to follow Jesus,
whom He had sent.

His power, and His alone,
gives life beyond my dreams;
Life in Christ, the life of grace,
according to His means.

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Into Deep Waters ~ (a reblog)

A lovely poem by Deborah Ann from CHRISTian Poetry. 🙂 Click the link to read in full!

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Bow down your ear Lord,
hear my prayers flow . . .
for, into these deep waters
I don’t want to go.

Let them not get higher Lord,
make them start to recede
for, into these deep waters
I don’t want to proceed.

Turn back the tide Lord,
before I’m in over my head
for, into these deep waters
I don’t want to tread.

Throw me a lifeline Lord,
if not, I’ll surely drown
for, into these deep waters
I don’t want to go down.

I pled out my case,
till the deep waters abated
and then these words to me
the Good Lord related . . .

Oh My fearful child,
your deep waters I had to prolong
so that you could see . . .
how I was with you all along!


Isaiah 43:2

“When thou passest through the waters,
I will be with thee; and…

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Community Prayer Requests | January ’18 (a reblog)

T.R. Noble has a wonderful idea for community prayer requests to bring the community together – click the link below to read the post in full. (Comments have been turned off to encourage everyone to go to her blog. 😉)

Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Christ said where two or more are gathered in His name, and there are definitely more than two of us. Let us come together to Him even if we are miles apart. Let us lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ and anyone who can join the body of Christ.

Purpose- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers

I want us as a community to pray for a month. I want to work on giving time to Christ and increasing faith. Prayer can be one of the most powerful ways we go to Christ, we are to come to Him boldly, and believe.

Please Comment Below – If any of these requests are answered in this month, if you have answered prayer (even not listed) please comment below.


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