The Gate of Life (a reblog)

One of my best friends, Refreshing Spirit, left for Bolivia today! πŸ™‚ If you want to follow her journey while there, click below to view her new blog, Olivia in Bolivia! ❀

Olivia in Bolivia

I’ve left my home in Colorado to spend time with my family before going to Bolivia. The β€œlasts” have begun. Last day of teaching at my Colorado school. Last Sunday with my Colorado church family. Last night in Colorado.

Leaving hurts. Sometimes it feels like a slow death. In some ways, it is.

The Physical Reality

I’m dying to my current way of life. I’m dying to being around my favorite people. I’m dying to even the godly comforts and joys that I currently enjoy.

I know that God is calling me on to Bolivia, and my love for Him and confidence in Him compels me onward in spite of the pain of goodbyes. The thing is, I can’t live in the United States and in Bolivia at the same time. This is part of God’s design. It’s the reality of the way the world works. It makes me…

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