Saturday Caturday (02)

Jack during the month of December. 😊 These photos make him look waaaaaaaaay more innocent than he is. 🤣

He’s so cute when he’s sleeping! 😻

Sometimes I find him sleeping in the oddest positions. 😂

We played with my stuffed animals. Easy to miss he’s in this photo at first. 😆

This was the sweetest pose ever – until he moved. 🤣 And of course, he does that right when I click the take photo button… That tongue though. So long. 😮

Jack camouflaged on my zebra print electric throw. And the turtle is Speedy, a TY toy that is probably a collector’s item by now. And Jack likes playing with it. I’m still not sure if I like him playing with it… seems he finally has grown tired of it and plays with his own toy mice. 😅

This day, I wore my “Jack camouflage” shirt. 😂


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