My November 2018 In Photos

…yes, November. That is how far behind I am with this. O.o I’m going to catch up this month, hopefully! I’ve been so busy lately.

Weird mushroom I found at my grandmas.

Another angle.

Close up – it somehow grew around the leaf.

And it was oozing. O.o

Flowers! When in town, I spotted these outside a business. I don’t know what kind these are but they are lovely. ❀

Closer up. πŸ˜€

Autumn leaves. ❀

It was so cold, the mudhole froze over. There is a leaf in the center. XD Aaaand…

We got snow!

It was just a dusting but it was enough for pretty scenery.

I probably took too many photos of the snow. XD

The top of the gazebo and our house covered in snow – and the autumn leaves in the same shot. ❀

Dew and snow on the same leaf.

Snow on the banister.

Thanksgiving moon – weird that it had a ring around it.

Up close, it was hazy.

Squirrel! This one wagged its tail at me. I think he was upset.

Some trees I thought were cool looking.

Another squirrel! This one gave me the privilege of allowing me to watch him eat a nut.

And here he is eating it. πŸ™‚

This concludes another episode of a month in photos! Hope to be back soon for December’s. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “My November 2018 In Photos

  1. That mushroom is so bizarre and so cool. XD I love the snowy autumn pictures; I love when the beauty of fall mixes with the beauty of winter! And of course I have a soft spot for squirrels hehe. 🐿 Thanks for sharing these! Can’t wait to see December and January whenever you’re able to share! πŸ’œ

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    • It was! I couldn’t help but get photos of it. 😊 And what is weird – I took the photo in November and the mushroom was still alive as of a week ago. O.o I didn’t think mushrooms lived this long. And it survived temperatures below freezing…

      Me too! 😸

      Hehe of course! 🐿

      I’m glad you enjoyed these! 😊 December is finally up!

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