Misunderstood (Mental Illness/Depression) (a reblog)

T. R. wrote a fantastic poem on Peeking Beneath – click the link below to read it in full. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are many people in this world who cannot speak up about what they are going through because things are misunderstood. Each individual has his or her own story. May we try to understand. May we listen to what people are trying to say.

This poemโ€™s purpose is to show the mindset of someone who is battling internally. Rawness, sensitivity, how words are taken. This poem is not written from my current mindset. I once had a friend admit to me in middle school she thought of suicide when she was only about 10-11 years old. Depression and mental illness do not have age limits. It does not matter what your situation may be either. If it was this simple, celebrities would not die from suicide. Children who live in good homes would not die from suicide. Sometimes there are factors that invite depression and mental illnessโ€ฆbut sometimesโ€ฆthere arenโ€™t.ย 


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