Yesterday’s Liebster Award Error – An Apology

I must apologize to T. R. Noble and Faye  – I somehow copied T. R.’s questions to Faye in the award post yesterday (Liebster Award).  And then went I went to grab the correct questions to answer – and I wasn’t a nominee! 😳 I realize how this could come across, and I promise I wasn’t trying to pretend that I was nominated when I wasn’t. 😮 When I am nominated, I save a link to my “awards” bookmarks to remind me to make a draft, copy the rules and questions, etc. Somehow, Faye’s post ended up in my “awards” bookmarks instead of my “Posts to catch up on” bookmarks, and I thought I was nominated for that reason. My mistake! 😊

I also bring this up so that anyone who saw the Liebster Award portion disappear from the post yesterday would not think they are crazy.

I ask for your forgiveness, T. R. and Faye, and I’ll double check before posting from now on. 🙂 Love you guys and see you around the blogging community! ❤


10 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Liebster Award Error – An Apology

  1. You have done the most noble and wonderful thing in God’s Eye: By admitting to such an error and offering to apologize for that reason. Not only will you have forgiveness from all of us, but you have earned the greatest of God’s Gift as well: His Blessings raining down in your life. I commend you for that! Awesome move! 🙂

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  2. I’ll nominate you if you like hehehe. Make up all the questions you want, and give credit to whoever you want. Pretty sure no one minds, and if so your humble honesty should remove any doubt about your integrity. LORD, thank You for Grace, and her allowing Your light to shine through her 🙂

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