Wednesday Worship 7th February 2018 In Christ Alone – Live Worship (a reblog)

Hayley from Red Letters sang one of my favorite worship songs last Wednesday. Click the link below to go to her post and have a listen to her angelic voice singing “In Christ Alone”! 😍

Hayley Boden

Click here to listen to full song on YouTube

This Wednesday’s Worship Song has been requested by three people so I figured I really needed to record this one! Thank you to Danielle and Meeting Jesus for putting in the request. There was another lovely person that asked me for the same song but please forgive me, I completely forgot who it was, really sorry about that.

I found out the third person to ask me was Grace from Following Him beside still waters. Sorry I forgot you Grace!

β€˜In Christ alone’ is a powerful song declaring our whole dependence on Jesus and Him alone. The day I gave up my life and followed Jesus, was the day I discovered true freedom. Now I sing for Jesus and sing of the hope, peace and freedom I have. Through every trial and storm I face, my Jesus is…

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16 thoughts on “Wednesday Worship 7th February 2018 In Christ Alone – Live Worship (a reblog)

  1. Hayley is amazing and boy can she sing! Lol
    I love that worship song! Whenever I listen to it I get so emotional and just pour out my praises to God! He’s everything to me and without him I’m NOTHING! β˜ΊπŸ’•

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