Thanksgiving Photos – cakes, candies, and lakes, oh my!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! First, it was Thanksgiving, and then I realized just how behind I was in NaNoWriMo… I’m determined to catch up and to reach 50k, I knew I’d have to write 3K a day. So far so good! I’m only 5K away now from winning; so close I can taste it!

Anyway, here is a snippet of last Friday in photo form. 😀 I didn’t get photos of all the food, but here are a few that I took. This is a cake that I baked and decorated:

And the inside of the cake. It was velvet with a cream cheese frosting. The decorations had allspice, cinnamon, and molasses (because I was out of maple syrup and had to improvise) and that gave it an autumn kick and the right color without using food coloring. I suspect there was food coloring in the cake mix though. XD

And my uncle’s girlfriend, whom I consider an aunt at this point, made these Christmas candies, which were addictive:

And of course, I went to my grandma’s lake, which was as beautiful and serene as ever.

As you may know, if you’ve followed me a while, I haven’t shown my face. And that’s not going to start now. XD I brought my dad’s tripod and set my camera on the timer function to get this one. I took a lot of me walking; do I sense a new “About Me” page header image? I think yes. XD Also, I just learned how to French braid and this was my second time trying it. And I included red highlights, because why not? I don’t know how well you can see it in the photo though.

After a bit of photo taking, it started to get dark, so I took this one (finally figured out how to make the new camera take photos and not wash out the sky – yay) and headed back to my grandma’s house. God’s artistry never ceases to amaze.

And here was the sunset from the opposite direction.

It was a lovely day, though we celebrated on Friday instead of Thursday so all of my uncles could make it. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and I’ll be back soon! ❤


30 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Photos – cakes, candies, and lakes, oh my!

    • Oh, cool! 🙂 So Black Friday shopping doesn’t get in the way? (It usually does for us – some family members want to go. I hate crowds. XD)

      Thank you! ❤

      It sure is! 😀 Her lake is one of my favorite places to visit.


  1. You certainly had a blessed and happy thanksgiving. Great job on the cake! It is pretty, and delicious 🙂 I say this every time but can’t be helped, your grandmas lake is so beautiful 🙂 The photo with the sunset, all the colours, that match so perfectly. Their reflection off the lake, perfect. Like you said God is the best Artist.

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  2. Awwwww!!! Lovely photos although I would have love to see your face though! Lol I’m just joking! That lake is beautiful and those Christmas candies are so yummy! I mean picturesque lol! God bless and see you soon…I mean when you’re back lol! 😋💚🙏😂😅

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