Child-Like Prayer and Faith

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Message In Stanza

child prayer

The Bible says to β€œPray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I believe praying helps someone renew their minds. Anything can come into our minds and sabotage our day. It comes into the dark recess of our brains and knocks on the door and nine times out ten, how many times do we answer? I would say we do more often than not.

It is like a scavenger on the hunt for a buried treasure. They look everywhere for that treasure but it could be right in front of them laying in the sand. But either we do not see it or pick it up. Our thoughts control our actions. It’s scientifically proven. We can think we do not deserve love, goodness, mercy, or grace because of our past mistakes and shortcomings. But we deserve that β€œburied treasure,” if you will.

We all have a past and even Jesus dined with…

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