Winds of Love (a reblog)

A wonderful poem by Sharon at Life As A Believer. πŸ™‚

Life As A Believer

His winds of mercy

Refresh my soul,

His love rains all around.

Like a deserted parched land

I wait for Him,

He pours out love on my dry ground.

His winds of grace

They strengthen me,

And I know I’m not forsaken.

All my worries

And all my woes,

From me He has taken.

His winds of loving kindness

Blow my flaws,

Like dead leaves they fall away.

And I know I have help

As I take each step,

There’s guidance for a new day.


This poem was inspired by strong winds blowing one fine day. The weather was super cool (it rained heavily) and I felt each gust of wind go over and through me till I was refreshed. Words just started coming to me and the outcome is before you. Glory be to God.

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