Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart

Depression clouds hung overhead,
Dark thoughts swirled in the storm;
Lightning struck and happiness fled,
Sadness without shape, without form.

Depression spawned twisters that destroy
Everything that was dear to me.
Storage once upon a time held joy;
Tornadoes scattered all that was near to me.

My diamond heart has broken,
And the shards cut into my soul;
The pieces are a sharp token
To what once was whole.

My Father picks up the debris,
And with His loving hand,
Uses His Love to recreate me,
And glues it together again.

Diamond hearts may shatter,
But I know that I will heal;
The pain will no longer matter,
For through the storm, His love, I feel,

From the very heavens above.
He will never from me part.
My Lord rebuilds, so I may love
With all of my diamond heart. πŸ’–

I almost feel like this is a companion to Stained Glass, one of the first poems I shared on this blog. (Which was in July of 2016… my how time flies! 😊)


28 thoughts on “Diamond Heart

  1. Hidden valleys do make the humble heart strong. Hidden valleys work hard to separate us from our true love, our Lord. But God and God alone renews our struggle and hurt into a stronger life song. Let us all sing this song with all our strength and soul. Thank you Grace for sharing a part of your hidden valley you walked.
    In Christ,

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    • Amen! πŸ™‚

      The hidden valley reminds me of, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me.” (Psalm 23:4)

      Aww, I was happy to share; thank you for the kind words! 😊

      P.S.: You are inspiring me to write poetry again. “Hidden valleys do make the humble heart strong. // But God and God alone renews our struggle and hurt into a stronger life song.” Did you realize that rhymed when you wrote that? Now my brain is spinning with ways to make this into the start of a poem. πŸ˜…


      • Ooooooooooohhh. Thanks for saving me from certain plagiarism! πŸ™‚ I can’t watch the video just yet because my Internet isn’t good enough to handle playing videos, but I will give this a listen the next time I go to a WiFi hot-spot. Thanks for the link! πŸ™‚

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        • by Steve Green
          Single: Hidden Valleys

          In a hidden valley just over the hill
          A young shepherd boy surrenders his will
          As he lifts his voice in praise to his King
          Only the lambs will hear and follow as he sings

          In a hidden valley a faithful one leads
          No one looking on, he cares for their needs
          For he knows the One who tries the heart
          So he is steadfast and content to do his part

          Hidden valleys produce a life song
          Hidden valleys will make a heart strong
          Desperation can cause you to sing
          Hidden valleys turn shepherds to kings

          In a hidden valley a leader is born
          He has faced the fierce and weathered the storm
          So with humble heart and love for his God
          He becomes royalty with just a staff and rod
          web page lyrics

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  2. Wow, time flies. I started seriously about blogging in July 2016. Your poem is so touching and I like both the diamond and stained glass heart. Diamond has so many facets, the beauty is endless. The stained glass, you don’t think of the pieces as broken pieces, you only see how beautiful the pieces are bonded together. Did the first three stanzas describe your experience at that time? How are you doing now?

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