Special Delivery

It was just like any ordinary weekday. I went outside, did a few chores, and then went on to the mailbox to see if the mail delivery person left anything in there. Here is what I found:

Hopefully the mail delivery person didn’t leave that. 😜 Most people would have panicked; but if you’ve seen other blog posts of mine, you know that my reaction was to run back to the house and grab my camera. I wanted to get a shot of him with his legs not all squashed up like that, so like any normal person would do (😂), I found a stick and I poked him with it to make him move.

Ah, there we go. XD He was a very fast, spider. He almost rivaled a jumping spider. Even I jerked back when he moved at lightning speed, and I am not usually startled by spiders so much. But there was a split second when I thought he jumped on the small stick I was holding and was coming for my hand. 😅

And of course, I had to get a macro shot. The legs are really spiky like the stem of a rose. Really cool. I almost wanted to touch it to see if they are indeed spikes or if they are hairs. Almost. But I don’t think the spider would have appreciated that. 😂 He looks so dangerous, but he probably isn’t. At least, hopefully he isn’t… especially since I was poking him with a stick… 😜

A couple of weeks later, I did the same routine and found this in the mailbox:

A moth! Isn’t that cool?

I wanted to see how close I could get before he flew away:

I didn’t want the mail delivery person to flip or accidentally hurt it, so at this point, I touched it so it would fly away. Here he is on the nearby tree he landed in:

He blends in fairly well, doesn’t he? And this concludes this episode of “Strange Things I’ve Found in the Mailbox.” Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s about time for the mail to be delivered; I think I’ll go check it… 😉


27 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. I have a phobia of spiders. My parents have a vacation home in Vermont and in the winter (I believe) they love to climb up the walls of my bedroom and hang. I have to ask someone else to clean it up! Even though, the spiders aren’t as big as your picture of one! 🙂

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    • Oh my – I hope my photos haven’t freaked you out too much. Ooohhh, haha, that does sound a bit creepy. I wouldn’t want one to land on me – I do like taking photos, as long as they aren’t on me. 😅

      We have some really big spiders around here. One of the biggest I’d ever seen (unfortunately didn’t get photos of) was so big that I had a hard time finding a jar big enough to capture it in. (I usually try to rescue them and bring them into the woods if they aren’t poisonous. 😄)


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