Spread The Gospel

It’s week nineteen of 100 Word Wednesday, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you’d like to join in, just click the link! 😉

Photo By William Stitt

I’m waiting for the crowds,
The goal was to evangelize;
Spread the Gospel aloud,
But only to quickly realize…

I’m afraid; I cannot speak
What am I supposed to say and do?
It’ll come out like a squeak.
Looks like my attempt is through…

The streets are filled, but I’m ignored,
Terrified; I can’t do this alone!
What do I do, My Lord, I implore!
“Child, you aren’t on your own…”

Once I sat on the bench, dejected;
Now I’m no longer filled with fear!
I declare His Word – but they’re rejected,
Pearls before swine – I move on from here.


18 thoughts on “Spread The Gospel

      • My post sounds almost flippant. Please forgive me. It was not intended, fear is a huge battle we fight moment by moment. Fellowship with fellow fighters of fear encourages me in my battle. I really need to read before I post…..
        Any victory over fear is huge no matter how small it seems to us. Small victories build a foundation for big victories in my opinion.
        There, a more complete thought….

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        • I knew what you meant, I think. 🙂 Oh yes, is it ever! I get very nervous and anxious in social situations – sometimes so much so that I get physically sick, so I’m familiar with that battle. I couldn’t imagine doing what the person in the poem did.

          Yes, amen to that! 🙂 Smaller victories show how God has been with us though the smaller stuff, and how He can bring us through the bigger things later on. 🙂

          I enjoyed reading your “more complete” thoughts. 😊 Hope you are having a great day! ♥


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  2. This is the way many people will react to the word of truth, even now they refuse to live by it. But as you have said, we simply do not continue to cast our “pearls before the swine.” We share the word of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection with people and leave the rest up to God. If He brings them to harvest, then they will be saved. If not, “shake the dust from our feet” and continue on elsewhere! Nicely worded poem, Grace!


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      • Yes, we plant the seeds and God gives the increase. I always want to see more people respond, however! But it is up to the Lord to touch them and bring them in as not only believers, but also faithful to the true gospel. People can say they believe, and feel they are safe. But they may be believing in what they “feel” is right. That’s why it is so important not to trust our feelings and really understand what God wants from us as His children!

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  3. I love how you can encapsulate so many of our experiences in such a short span! It’s important to remember that God gives us strength, and when people reject us or our message we don’t need to take it personally. God will continue to work on them, and we will continue to work for Him!

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