Prodigal Daughter

I realize that I am late with this response to week eighteen of 100 word Wednesday, but I wanted to share it anyway. πŸ™‚ If anyone would like to participate in the challenge, BikurGirl should be posting the prompt for week nineteen soon! πŸ˜€

Image Credit: Felix Russel-Saw

Her arms were riddled in vibrant tattoos;
She was told not to but did it anyway.
Rebellious child; no one told her what to do!
So she made a rash decision to run away.

Loneliness quickly found her in these desolate places,
Missing the comforts of home: food, water, family,
Friends, a hot bath – all that was here were open spaces.
She desired freedom, but this was not it; she

Found clarity in a field of dried grass. She realized
What a blessed life she had willingly left.
Like a prodigal daughter, she became wise –
And ran back to her home, asking for forgiveness.


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