Far Away From The Skyscrapers

It’s week seventeen of 100 Word Wednesday, and here is the photo and my response. 🙂 If you want to join in, just click the link! 😉

This time I hit 100 words exactly! 😀

Image Credit: Scott Webb

There are things we may not agree on –
I’m not much of a city girl; all the trucks and cars,
Buildings reaching for the sky, noise and neon –
Light pollution preventing me from even seeing the stars!

I get lost easily in the large crowds;
There are way too many people rushing past me.
Go with the flow, like raindrops in clouds,
No, I go my own way or disoriented I’ll be.

Show me a place where the buildings taper,
Where trees show off their grandeur.
Away, far away from the skyscrapers,
See all of God’s creations in its splendor!


41 thoughts on “Far Away From The Skyscrapers

    • Aww. Maybe you’ll get to go on vacation sometime to a spot where there isn’t so much light pollution. 🙂

      My problem here isn’t light pollution; it’s trees. I can’t see the stars very well where I live because of trees. 😂 I can look straight up and see Orion or the Big Dipper, but I miss out on the stars near the horizon. Someday I want to find a field somewhere to lay down in and stargaze.

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      • Yeah, it’s not too bad here. I can see the constellations and stuff. If I drive 20 min away, there are areas that I can faintly see the milky way. But, when you go on vacation to a truly “rural” area it’s amazing what you can see. 😮 What I dislike most about my area is trying to photograph the night sky with long exposure shots. The light pollution turns the sky a redish-orange color in the photos. 😃

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        • That’s good. 😊 The Milky Way? I’m jealous, haha! 😀

          Yes! 😀 It always thrills me if I can spot the Pleiades.

          Ooohhhh, I see. 🙂 Does the reddish-orange cover up the stars completely?

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          • Yeah, it’s not like a can see the milky way the way you see in photos, but im some places of PA if you look carefully you can see a real faint “gray” (because of all the extra starts) band across the sky. That’s cool! 😀I’ve never looked for Pleiades. I have tried photographing the Orion Nebula (which is suppose to be kinda similar). I’ll definitely have to keep my out for that one.😃 The red sky doesn’t cover up the stars, but without a lot of editing, it’s hard to make the sky look appealing and natural. 😕

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            • Ooohhhh, that is wonderful! 😀

              Orion’s nebula is his “sword,” right? 🙂 Did the photo come out?

              😀 The Pleiades are in the constellation, Taurus, if I remember correctly. So to the right of Orion’s shield, I think. 🙂 It’s super faint, but I’ve seen it on a clear night. 😀

              I see. Yeah, that’s not good. :/


  1. Thank you for enjoying my May the Fourth be with you blog. Yes, city life can be too much at times. But a lot of quiet places are in most cities. It does take longer to get there. And they don’t always cost too much. Take care.

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    • Oh, that’s good to know. 🙂 I haven’t been to many large cities. I think the largest I’ve been to was Dallas, Texas when I was a kid and I don’t remember much about it. You take care too. 🙂


  2. Now this sounds like the Grace I think you are. No “big city” stuff for you, a country girl, spiders, snakes, and all! Good for you…Yes, you will see God’s creation and appreciate it more in the country settings, no doubt.

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  4. I am honored my friend, Nothing can separate us from the hand of God, no matter how we drift away from fellowship with God, Nothing has the power to pry us from His Hand the true island of rest. Jesus completed a perfect and finished work on the Cross then offered His perfect work to us. It is a place I can not earn, offered by a God I do not deserve, God offers a friendship I do not deserve, Then God asks me the undeserving one to feed His sheep. Perfection offering imperfection a perfect purpose and reason to live. What a wild and wonderful God WE get to serve.

    I think you struck a nerve. I am looking forward to see your poem and how God works your faith out of you….
    Blessings and all joy to you,

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    • 😀 ♥

      Amen, amen! 😁 (Oh, this is very inspiring, I thought I finished that poem but now I think I will have to add a stanza or two! Thank you so much for your comments. 😊)

      Hopefully a good nerve! XD Haha, I know that you certainly struck something in me with your last comment. All of the sudden, words started flowing onto the page in rhyme and it was wonderful. 🙂 It’s amazing how the first draft worked out; Jesus is so good.

      Blessings and joy to you as well. ♥

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  5. Maybe nerve was not a good word?? Hmmmm,,, another Word, Now you are making me think lol….. Well I will make a guess that you struck a resonance in me and when you replied then I replied then you replied,,, O.K. no new words it is too hard to keep track ot what is going on. LOL. O.K. now what was my point? See, even you could not figure it out. OH Ya! The reply just flowed out and I hit send. I am glad God used it to encourage you to write of our wonderful Lord. Keep your tenderness to His leading, you will rarely have a dull moment if you do. I am looking forward to reading your new Island poem. First draft?? I wonder what it was like.

    Your fellow laborer in Christ,

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    • LOL! Sorry I had to make you think. XD I thought about “struck a chord” but that didn’t seem right either. I like the one you came up with: resonance. 🙂

      ROTFL! 😂

      Exactly! 😀 That’s what happened with the poem too. And it was strange in the way that the structure isn’t how I usually write poems.

      I shall try! 🙂

      Haha, the first draft didn’t have the last stanza or many descriptive words – and had a typo or two. 😂 You’ll see the finished product later today, hopefully. 😉

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  7. With your feet firmly planted on the Rock of our Salvation in all faith this is what comes forth in your story. This is why His burden He gives us is not heavy to carry with us, we are free of the stuff sapping us of vitality. We are not laden with sin. I am a non writer attempting to write, I am glad there are wonderful communicators of God’s grace on the web for others to hear, living witness of God’s Good News.
    In Christ,

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    • Amen, amen, amen! 😀

      I really enjoy reading your “attempts” at writing. 🙂 You are quite the writer, and I think you’re a “wonderful communicator.” 😀

      Have a great day with Jesus! ♥

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  8. Not something my teachers or professes have told me but I still try, This being said I graciously accept your encouragement as a glass of cold water to a thirsty pilgrim. WHAT! You threw the whole bucket on me!!! Are you ready for a water fight?? LOOK OUT!!! LOL Sincerely though Thank you Grace.
    Keep your eyes open for all blessings God sends you way Grace. I do not want you to miss any of them.
    Your fellow laborer in Christ,

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    • Aww, haha.

      LOL, that water isn’t going to quench your thirst much; the Living Waters will though. 😉

      WATER FIIIIIIIIGHT! 💧 **splat** 💦 XD LOL.

      🙂 ♥

      Thank you! Keep your eyes open too – His blessings incredible! 😊

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  9. But I wanted both H2O and Living water. One Thirst will come back while the other is our rest in Jesus. What a great come back,,,,, But you are all wet! LOL Quick go and drip living water on some needy people.
    Hmm just like you do on your Blog… Keep up the good work Grace.
    In Christ,

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  10. Sorry Grace you can not dry out living water! Living water is Heavenly and eternal. So,,, Keep filling the towel and ringing it out. This will be obedience to God fulfilling the Great Commission. So please do not DRY up, it would take the shine and glow away.

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