Special Remedy

When you pulled me from the dark,
I thought lifeless my broken heart,
But it was alive because it beat again.

Then sin came back and it began to hurt,
Like it was torn out and thrown in the dirt,
And then shamefully put back in.

Wars of flesh & spirit left many a bruise,
It was a simple game of β€œI choose,”
But really, who was to blame?

My emotions were muddled,
For I still melted into a puddle,
When I thought of the shame.

My heart ached to be truly free,
Was there no special remedy
That would ever make it healed?

I thought it safe, I thought it secure,
But sin was the foe, of that I am sure;
Right when I needed a sturdy shield.

My heart was again in gloom,
Like the world was at its doom,
My world was dark as twilight…

Until the Only Begotten Son
Came with His glow and shone
To fill me once more with light!

All I had to do was ask.
But it wasn’t just a simple task,
For it exposed my broken heart.

He faithfully renewed my spirit
And lifted me out of the miry pit
And gave me a fresh start!


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