Quality Meats At Low Cost?

This is week sixty of three line tales, and here is the photo and my response. πŸ™‚ If you’d like to join in, just click the link. πŸ˜‰

photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash

I pass by and see a brightly lit neon sign, advertising quality meats so fine.

I think of the creatures whose lives were lost, to produce these quality meats at a low cost,

But the cost was high. I lose my appetite, and decide I shall to go vegan tonight.



*I’m actually not a vegan, but I have considered it. I love animals and the thought of where meat comes from does make me sad. When it comes to eating meat, I usually stick to birds and fish, but still…


8 thoughts on “Quality Meats At Low Cost?

  1. Yes, it’s definitely sad to think where the meat comes from. I don’t have a problem with eating animals raised and killed in a humane manner. Unfortunately, in the meat industry this is often times not the case.

    God gave us dominion over the animals and permission to eat them, however we’re also suppose to be their care-takers which means we shouldn’t be abusing them. I don’t have a problem killing and eating an animal, but I do have a problem with animals being mistreated.

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    • I agree with what you said. I don’t know much about the meat industry, but yeah, killing inhumanely is awful.

      Before I continue, I just want to say this next statement is specifically about abused animals and has nothing at all to do with eating them… XD A few of my cats were abandoned when I got them; someone literally drove down the road, opened the door of their van, and threw the cats out. (Wish I had gotten a license plate.) I don’t know what the cats went through before, but I do know that it took years – one cat took nearly four years – to understand that when I reached out to pet her, that it was in love and not to harm her. Now she is one of the most loving cats I’ve had. To think that someone would abuse her is beyond me.

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      • Yes, I definitely understand that. One of my dogs (he’s a little beagle mix), was found wandering around in West Virginia. I’m not sure if he was ever abused or what his story is, but when he got him, although he loved and welcomed affection he was extremely timid and submissive. When you bend down to pet him or put a leash on him, he immediately crouches down very low, tail between his legs and often rolls over belly up – the most submissive state for a dog. I find it hard to believe he was abused (because he doesn’t seem to show any fear), but he’s very timid for sure.

        We also did X-rays and found bird shot spread across his body. So apparently someone shot him before. I’m not sure why someone would shoot him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if while he was roaming around, he was getting into someone’s chicken coop or something and someone decided to “teach him a lesson.” Bird shot isn’t enough to seriously injure a dog (as long as nothing hits the eye), but certainly enough to scare a dog away and keep him away.

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  2. We sound so alike! I’m not vegan, but I’ve definitely considered it, as I don’t like the thought of where meat and dairy come from. Lovely poem, by the way πŸ™‚

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      • Well, being vegan for a lot of people includes removing all animal products from their diet: meat, milk, eggs, and even honey sometimes. It just depends on what each person decides that they want to do πŸ™‚ I tried to remove all meat, milk, and eggs from my diet, but it didn’t last long. Veganism isn’t for me.

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