He paid my ransom.

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It was a heart-wrenching love story. I was kidnapped. I was bound, chained, and my heart was hurt so badly. I lost all hope of a rescue. But my Love came and gave Himself up in my place. He was taken, beaten, poked, ridiculed, persecuted and struck; and I was healed. He suffered and shed His blood instead of me, all for me. He paid my ransom. And I am eternally grateful.

I was kidnapped by sin.
It took me to place unknown,
Until He stepped in,
And paid my ransom.

My Savior took all the pain
That was meant for me,
Rattled and shook my chains,
And suddenly I was free!

The stripes He endured,
All of those appalling injuries,
Each and every one ensured,
That I was healed completely!

Why would He do this for me?
Why am I worth that to Him?
What did He see? I am unworthy,
And full of atrocious sin.

But He paid my ransom,
His life force liberated,
It wasn’t an act random;
For I was ill fated.

How can I express my appreciation
To He who is utmost High?
He owns all, seas and mountains,
I’ve nothing to give but to draw nigh.

The One Who created all that is above
And below, and all the days,
Wants my praise, wants my love;
And it is His forever and always.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, y’all. β™₯


41 thoughts on “He paid my ransom.

  1. Nice post. The poem is wonderful. I often read in the Bible about Christ giving his life for us. It truly brings tears to my eyes to read about the awful things others did to Christ. The sad part is – so few people ever give a thought to the great sacrifice Christ made for them (dying for all of us), so we can have eternal life with Him in Heaven one day. He gave the Greatest gift he could give – Himself.

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    • Thank you! β™₯ It brings tears to my eyes too, not just because of what all terrible things Jesus went through (and it does break my heart to read about how badly some people treated Him) but that He went through it for us. That is true love. πŸ™‚ Yeah, it is sad that many don’t think about it. Yes, the Greatest Gift that has ever been given! β™₯

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  4. This was just lovely. It never ceases to amaze me that He went through such horrible suffering for people who so often (or always) forget about Him. It makes me shudder to think of the physical torture that He endured for me. There is no way to show enough gratitude but He asks for so little in return.

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