Arkansas Sunrise

To the morning, the birds sing, “Hello!”
I open the shades and curtains to let in the light.
The ball of fire in the sky is so orange-yellow,
Rising over the trees; what a spectacular sight!

But also across the expanse, I see: blues,
Pinks, and purples splashed on the stratosphere.
God uses such vivid and expressive hues,
Leaving me breathless when I step outside to peer!


Hilariously enough, the Color Your World Challenge and The Daily Post both have shades of “yellow” for the prompt today. So I guess I am killing two birds with one stone here. 😂

If the image looks familiar to you, it’s because I posted the edited image last September. This is the original. 😊

I’d like to thank Peggy for inspiring this; because of her, my brain connected “yellow” with “sunrise,” making this post possible. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts and how beautifully they combine! I generally am up early, and your photo reminded me of a winter sunrise in Georgia, at the top of Pine Mountain! God’s creativity at sunrise and sunset is truly amazing and awe-inspiring!

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    • 😀 Lately I haven’t been awake for sunrises and I miss them a lot. I can’t wait to get back to seeing them.

      Yes, bedtime is great too. 🙂

      Yeah! Haha, I found Peggy because you used her photo… 😉 So thanks for introducing me to her. 😊

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      • I saw a bit of the sunrise this morning…it’s always beautiful. There’s just something about the start of a new day that makes me smile.

        Glad you found Peggy by way of me. She attends the church of Christ as I do, (not the same one, of course). Did you ever get that book I recommended to you…”Muscle and a Shovel”? It’s really good reading, Grace.

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        • I’m glad you saw some of the sunrise! It is a wonderful way to start the day. 🙂

          LOL, that would be quite a coincidence. I think I saw that she lives in Arkansas so if it was the same one someone would be driving a loooong way on Sundays. XD

          Not yet, but the next time I go to the bookstore, I will look for it. 🙂 I have quite a reading list at the moment that will keep me occupied until I get to go there again though. Two are by Max Lucado; I think I saw you quote him a couple of times?

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          • Yes, that would be a long drive on Sundays. I do recommend that book to many people because it is such a great look at God spoken doctrine vs. man scented false doctrine…

            Yes, I am using one of Mr. Lucado’s bible study books as a guideline for my own study. Max has gotten into trying to “modernize” the church a bit, which can be dangerous if taken too far. But he still has some good things to say, and questions to ask which make us think.

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            • That does sound like a great book. 😊 I look forward to getting a copy.

              That’s cool. 🙂 Oh, yeah, I understand that. 😒 The two I have, In The Grip Of Grace (yes, I may have originally bought this one partially because of the obvious reason 😂) and It’s Not About Me (my uncle gave it to me for Christmas), may be his older works, so perhaps it won’t be as prevalent in those? 🙂

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