What The Butterfly Taught Me (a reblog)

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt, successful, I’m reblogging this post from my archives. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Following Him Beside Still Waters

A while back, I was having a really rough day and I decided to take a walk to relieve stress.

When I walked past my momโ€™s strawberry plants, I saw a beautiful black and blue butterfly โ€“ or at least, it once was. The bottom of both wings had been shredded. At first I felt really sorry for it, but then it crawled next to a strawberry bloom, drank some nectar, flew to some honeysuckle blooms, drank more nectar, and then flew away.

I was astounded.

Everyone has obstacles in their lives. That little butterfly could have said, โ€œI canโ€™t fly, look at my wings!โ€ and laid there in self-pity; but instead, it stood up, stretched out its wings, and tried โ€“ and was successful.

Suddenly, the obstacles that were stressing me didnโ€™t seem so bad anymore. If that butterfly can muster up the courage to get up and flyโ€ฆ

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