I’m His (a reblog)

I loved this poem so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ “Our love together is such a whirlwind, taking my soul in a spinning fire to heaven like Elijah.” That line was my favorite. โ™ฅ

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely


In my happiest days, I look to you.
My heart flutters with a joy not of this world because Youโ€™re the reason for my joy.
Youโ€™re the only reason for joy.
In my most desperate days, I turn to You.
Youโ€™re my Caretaker, my Rock, my Provider.ย 
You care for me in such a tender, compassionate, intimate wayโ€ฆ
Intimacy so close and intense that could only be shared between the Creator and His Bride.
Your love is so intense, itโ€™s endless.
Will I ever find an end?
The heavens containing a trillion stars could not find an end to Your ravishing, consuming, burning fierce love.
There isnโ€™t an end to the most beautiful thing in all of existence.
The taste of a drop of Your love the size of an atom is enough to fill my entire being with Your hot relentless fire.
Oh God, Your love. Your care. Yourโ€ฆ

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