Rain On Me

🎊 Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

2016 is almost over. There are some things I wish to leave behind. And yet, there are other things I wish to discover. And I tell of these in rhyme. πŸ™‚


Rain On Me

My heart grieves in depressed gloom,
Withers away as plants in a famine;
When it desperately wants to bloom,
Rain on me; bring me to life again!

Β raindrops-on-bulb

Hear my prayer, O Lord, hear my cry;
I know you never will forsake me,
During all of the hard times, but why?
Why do you allow such difficulty?


In You, I fully trust and believe,
But I am so very tired and thirty.
You’re the only thing that can relieve
And remove my sins; I drink insatiably.

Caterpillar and Blossoms

I know the Living Waters has hydrated,
And my sins will be washed away,
My once weary soul shall be elated,
I may not feel happy now, but I pray:


Let the heavens open and rain on me,
Fill me with You so I will not thirst;
From worldly worries and sin I’ll be free!
When in reality, I deserve the worst.


I thank You, Lord, for giving
Your Beloved and Only Son;
So that I may actually go on living,
To You, there is no comparison.



19 thoughts on “Rain On Me

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Prayers for your new year as well. πŸ™‚
      I didn’t realize that; I just searched your blog and found those posts and I’m reading them now. Thank you for mentioning that, and thank you for posting about depression. The posts are very encouraging. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for reading, and good wishes to you too. β™₯


  1. He doesn’t always rain like we expect Him to, but it will always be enough. Sometimes there’s just a drop, and we think, “But tomorrow! This won’t last ’til tomorrow!” And tomorrow there’s another drop.

    This poem reminded me of my time in the spiritual desert. I would continually read 1 Kings 17β€”where God doesn’t let the widow’s oil run dry. “Don’t let the oil run dry,” I prayed when I didn’t feel like praying anything elseβ€”reminds me of “rain on me.”

    Thanks for sharing your work and heart ❀

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  2. There are definitely seasons in our faith, and some can be painfully difficult. I suspect I’m much older than you, so I can tell you that I have learned a thing or two–it takes patience to wait for God to move–BUT HE WILL; it can be hard to believe He really loves and cares for us when things are hard–BUT HE DOES; and the most important thing I learned in the past 6 years: in those desert valleys, He hides incredible wealth–when He brings you through on the other side, you’ll be amazed at the harvest! And while you’re waiting, use that time to draw nearer to Him–it has paid off well for me! I also loved what Kelly said to you–that encouraged ME, to think about the widow’s oil never running out. I’m adding you to my prayer list–God is faithful, keep watching for what He will do. In addition to your Bible reading, ask Him to bring some good pastors to you via TV, Internet—I don’t have a physical church, so I watch/listen to Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince, John Gray, TD Jakes–they’ve taught and encouraged me HUGELY! ❀

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