Grace And Mercy


There are such joys, because of this boy’s
Miraculous virgin birth

Wise men come from far, each with spices in a jar
To anoint this child they came to see

They wish to sojourn, with these spices adorn
This infant that brings mirth

He who will defeat sin, and death on a cross in
Order to give us grace and mercy


The photo of the manger scene at the top was taken at a church we (my mom and I) passed by a couple of days ago. It’s so lifelike, and the people and animals are to scale. It was incredible. They have security cameras up; I guess they had trouble with vandalism or thefts before. I think my mom and I made them nervous when we pulled over to look at it, but all we wanted were photos! 😄

The second photo is of my mom’s Nativity scene plate. It seemed fitting. 🙂 Here is a far off shot of it; it’s really gorgeous:nativity-plate-2


5 thoughts on “Grace And Mercy

  1. Merry Christmas! I like that Nativity scene pic!

    I enjoy this poem as well. I like how it talks about the 3 wise men and how Jesus birth was miraculous. 🙂

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