Jericho Heart


Jericho Heart

Around my heart, I had built walls
I thought no one could get in
But just like Jericho’s, it falls
As the Lord comes to cleanse
Of all ungodliness and sin

Similar to this heart of mine
The city was finally relieved
Of all filth, uncleanliness, and grime
Except for Rahab, who believed
Everything else within had to leave

She feared the Almighty Lord
So she and her family were spared
Like the love for His Word
Is saved inside my soul with care
And it is protected in there


My soul is exposed now
My Savior can come inside
And my love can flow out
Now that my heart is open wide
It no longer feels that it has to hide

Besides giving Him access
Into my cityscape
It gave sin and sadness
A way to escape
As my heart is reshaped

As Joshua cursed that city,
And all evil things therein,
Only Rahab’s house lived to see.
My Savior defeated death and sin
All the wickedness banished within

So I must be utmost meticulous
Not to let the walls rebuild
And allow my loving Jesus
To reside inside me and fill
Me with His grace and mercy still

The high, thick walls will tumble
As a sledgehammer, take the Sword of the Spirit
To make sure the walls stays crumbled,
And the city stays down, and sin exits;
With Him by my side, I can do it!


“The feeling of emptiness, and depression, the feeling of nothing. The walls I’ve built so high up, the ones that were supposed to protect me, to keep me from feeling anything, leave me with no way out. They trap me and I don’t know what to do. Suddenly, any joy I did have is completely gone, any satisfaction I did have was replaced with longing for more of something—anything.

“Come to Me and I will give you rest.”

There is something working in me. I am tempted to resist but whatever spoke to me is far stronger. He is worth it. He is worth everything I own. He is worth my body, my soul, my mind, my heart.” – Incorrigibly Cheerful

How right this is. Not only do the walls keep out Jesus, but they keep in sin, pain, and everything that is not good; things that God does not want in one’s heart. Try as hard as we might, nothing in this world can replace having Jesus in the heart.

My walls had to come down. And that wasn’t an easy task; especially since every time part of them fell, it would try to reconstruct. And the city was the hardest part. Even with the walls down, it’s a fight to keep structures from popping back up inside. I have to repeatedly grab the Sword of the Spirit and use it like a sledgehammer to knock them back down! 🙂

Thank you, Incorrigibly Cheerful, for inspiring this. 🙂
P.S.: To read Incorrigibly Cheerful’s post in its entirety, click the link at the end of the quote; it is really awesome and worth the read. 😉

Images credits: First image, shutterstock, second image shutterstock, third image Pixabay.


14 thoughts on “Jericho Heart

  1. Jericho has been a theme in my life lately. I have had some seriously thick walls in my time. And, just when I believe I have knocked them all down, I run face-first into another one. Thank you for this!

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  2. Beautiful thoughts! We don’t need walls in our spiritual lives, we need to be “hard wired” directly to Jesus to let out the sin and guilt and get a direct feed of His love!


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  3. What a powerful correlation between the walls we build and the walls of Jericho. So much truth in keeping in sin and keeping out God…this makes me see the “walls” we build in a whole new way. Thank you for sharing!!! God bless you!

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