I can’t believe that it has been fifteen years. I don’t remember much from when I was that age, but I do remember the moment that I saw the twin towers on TV, soon after they had been hit.

I was a kid, and I didn’t understand at first that it was real. I thought my dad was watching some action movie.

Once I realized that it was really happening – which I realized by the tone of which my dad shushed me and the seriousness on his face as he pointed at the TV screen – I was so stunned, and my heart broke for all of the people involved and their families.

I remember watching in horror when the towers fell.

I wrote that little poem in the photo five years ago (obviously edited the amount of years), and it’s still true. We’ll always remember. ♥


7 thoughts on “9-11

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  2. To this day, it is still hurts and is painful, and I was in 8th grade at the time. My teacher cut his classroom TV on, and we watched the tragedy unfold in class. When one Tower fell, a few of my classmates yelled and cried. My teacher ran out the classroom and our principle returned and informed us that the teacher had family there. As for me, I was in a state of shock as well but had no idea what to do. The principle told us to write a sympathy card for our teacher. It will be a memory of 9/11 that I’ll never forget, including when I had to watch again and again the videos the news channels had of the buildings collapsing. An event that will never be forgotten, and I pray that everyone, including those that has lost someone on 9/11 to remain strong and always remember that they are loved and God loves you and is strengthening you to remain strong. Thank you for sharing your post. 🙂

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    • Yeah, it was a helpless feeling, watching it unfold on TV and not knowing what to do but pray.

      Wow; I feel for your teacher. It was shocking and horrifying for me, and I didn’t know anyone who was in the Towers. I can’t imagine the grief that your teacher felt.

      Amen! I pray the same thing. 🙂

      And thank you for sharing your memories! ❤

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